Fitton's Time Machine

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Robert P. Fitton

Film and TV Adaptation

For filmmakers: a panoply of exciting stories, ideal for cinema of the large and small screen. Robert P. Fitton provides an audio commentaries on each novel as well as character analysis.

Fitton Easy Links


Travel back to an actual year in history  mixed with  fantasy, action and adventure.

" Time travel is a risky venture."

The Matthias Jones Mysteries (lol)

His father was a detective, he's a coach, and the citizens of the town are just a little bit wacky.



Galactic Command Series

Join Commander John Ross and the crew of Explorer Space ship 14 in their voyages through the galaxy.

Harry Cobb Intra Solar System Investigator

A former intelligence officer now an intra solar system private investigator.

Sojourn, a Novel of Destiny

Former high level security agent Tom Loftus is called back into action and a destiny across time and space.

House Series

Alone in a house away from home can be deadly.

Short Stories and Novellas

Phantasm adventures that warp reality.




Gordon Butts's arrogance and ambition are framed by his stupidity.


With his life falling apart, Alan Sackett returns to the town where he spent a special summer.

Kron Man: Just your average super hero

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