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1963 Online Digital EDITION

The 1963 online edition is a time travel novel geared toward those who know nothing President Kennedy’s murder. Links to films, documentaries and biographies of the Kennedy Assassination players not only buttress the major assertions of this novel, but provide the reader with an expansive resource to see Lee Harvey Oswald without the Warren Commission’s house of mirrors. It is not my intent to inject what some may consider phantasmal science fiction into what is a serious study by devoted and competent researchers.

For those who are not inclined to read the science fiction aspects of 1963 or the novel itself, the digital edition of 1963 has “Easy Access.” The political and historical aspects of the Kennedy Assassination can be effortlessly summoned with a single click.

Robert P. Fitton


Fitton Easy Links

Justice in the Old West.

Aliens in the Roaring 20's.

Changing time at the 1939 World's Fair.

Solving murders at Plymouth Rock.

The nuking of US Cities and a return to the past.

Who killed JFK?

Preventing her husband's Death.

He's 500 years old and can change reality.

A novel of Personal Destiny.

First Contact at the edge of the Galaxy.

A string of murders in the Intra-Solar System.

Far away Triton where power breeds murder.

A journey to the past as you've never experienced it before. A new concept in science fiction, fantasy and history writing.

Author Robert P. Fitton

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Have a seat, sit down relax….
Imagine the past.
Close your eyes and really imagine the past.
 Intriguing, isn’t it? Another time and place.
Things are different. It’s fun to go there.

Close your eyes again.
What if weird things are happening in the past?
 Spirit-driven things. Beings from distant places.
All in the mix of another epoch in time.

How about books that are not "the same old stuff."

You’re embarking on a unique time travel journey. Robert P. Fitton has an insatiable appetite for history and things of the past. Fitton inserts a science fiction element that separates his unusual stories from the pack. What you get is a crisp, rapidly accelerating story, that grasps the essentials of history as we know it with an exciting caveat: other forces are at work. Experience an exciting panoply of adventures on the edge of your seat. And you just might learn something about the past or the future.  

Fitton characters are focused and driven. Characters who strive for justice across time. Characters with only the truth as their currency, caught within the vise of historic events.

Call the genre different but most of all call it an enjoyable learning experience.

Okay, open your eyes and smile but remember:

"Time travel is a risky venture."


You can hear Robert P. Fitton read his books @

The great Harland Ellison said in a 2014 interview that he likes the sound of reading... grew up on radio... the sound of the voice, the cadence and the flow. " I know their quirks, their flaws, I know where the emphasis should go I know where the nuances should go. I know exactly how to hit that line..."

Fitton's performance, New England accent in full force, brings the emotional impact of his characters into history while never forgetting their humanity.

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