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Robert P. Fitton


A time travel message Robert P. Fitton

Greetings from a writer crazy about time travel!

Why time travel? All time travel is adventure, a journey not just to a faraway land but to another place and time. Wow! The compelling suggestion of materializing in another epoch or era, past or future involves mystery, risk, cleverness and adaptation. It's the ultimate getaway-as if taking a vacation off planet.

I titled many of my books into specific years because I had written numerous time travel themes. Yet, in my novels I was journeying into the past and leaping into the future. Influences: Carl Sagan's Cosmos, James Burke: Connections, Joseph Campbell's lifetime of understanding mythology. I made it my business to attend writing seminars by successful people who had powerful suggestions on how to ignite a story.

This site has links to the audio and paperbacks as well as perspective about the books. Sample audio and links to my podcasts and blog are here for your listening and reading pleasure.

Okay, now that we have the preliminaries out of the way.

Step into Fitton's Time Machine-The journey awaits.


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