Fitton's Time Machine

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Fitton's Time Machine  Audio Books

The Nebula Planet Audio Book

TIMELINE: Thousands of years in the future

A military fleet protected human settlements across th
e galaxy. John Ross is the top fleet commander Galactic Command. With the Antarian War just ended Ross and his crew are sent to rescue a lost expedition to  the Nebula Planet, beyond the boundaries Galactic Command. Awaiting them is a discovery that will change the galaxy forever .

TIMELINE: 200 Years in the Future

Intra-Solar System Investigator Harry Cobb solving murders and crimes on Mars and beyond.

TIMELINE: The Millennium

Peter Sturgis's wife is stolen into another reality by a 500 year old Spanish Conquistador with the ability to create new realities.

The 1960's:

Nuclear disaster in the 1980's, the Bay of Pigs in 1961
and the JFK Assassination, November 22, 1963.

The Prequel

The Sequel

TIMELINE: The 1960's:

 Caroline returns to 1968 to prevent her husband's career ending basketball injury and future death.

TIMELINE: The 1950's:

A world  renowned talk show host and  murders at Plymouth Rock

1958 Audio in January 2016

TIMELINE: The 1930's:

Post Biological Life  from the cloud follow Andy Reese  from the future as he tries to change the timeline by preventing a murder at the New York World's Fair in 1939.

1939 Audio

TIMELINE: The 1920's

In the The Roaring 20's Charlie Russo falls in love with a Jamal- 10,000 years from the future, chased by bizarre energy-charged lifeforms in human bodies.

TIMELINE: The Old West

Jake McBride is a DA can only find justice against a freed murder by returning to the old west in 1882.

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