Fitton's Time Machine

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Compilation: 17 Short Stories and Novellas


Stories of roads not taken and worlds within worlds where justice is served to those who step beyond the edge of time, space and reality, good and evil, and life and death.



No Place Like Home


Don Murdock enters his Aunt’s house-of the past where he must decide whether to change the past-the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


Mr. Greenwald's Tiergarten

Sidney B. Greenwald is sold a bill of goods and attempts to leave contrived realities, created inside a Tiergarten by a man named Jackson.


Fast Forward

Steve steals a remote control from Dr. Milcoski. How altruistic will he become once he knows he can go back and forth in time?


The Last Rites of Dottie O'Leary

The Great Franchesco transforms Rick and Rita to face the sins of the past and the woman he murdered years ago.


Thinking of You

Who controls the freighter Praktiken, the Hubric artificial intelligence or humans. What is real and what is merely the desire of the Hubric? Who will live and who will die?

The Monstrosity

Vincent Montessori has built more malls than anyone, without seeing the destruction in his wake. Montessori must find the key to existence or face an eternal nightmare.


In My Image

Herbert Frederick is the new plant supervisor putting pressure on Kluger. Only problem is: Frederick possesses supernatural and quite evil powers that are used against Kluger inside the plant.


The Ultimate Salesman

The obnoxious Nick Piranha has bullied his way to the top. Piranha returns to his origins as his world slowly is annihilated.



Clarise sends her father Morris to an adult daycare facility, a facility with unbounded possibilities. When she removes Morris, the cycle is completed in an unusual and rejuvenating way.


Sweep the Sweeper

When Mike lost Jody, his world became a darkened shell of happier times. Mike hears voices and a world beyond the constraints of everyday life. The world thinks him crazy until he finds the peace so abruptly taken away.


The Decision

    1. Avak’s goal is to become a proltor, in charge of others and a ship. But he must make a final judgement that will either give him what he wants or cause his own death.



Caught between the 19th century small town America and a fast paced 21st century marketing business Todd Granger is trapped in a cycle from what he wants and loves versus an immoral, soulless world.


Shoot Out at Coldwater Canyon

Elmer Guinness is a timid man who allows himself to be bullied at the office. When the office takes a company vacation to a simulation of the old west, Guinness faces life, death and justice.


Read Roy His Rights

On a two-hundred-year voyage, Miranda’s Guardian robot needs to be scrapped. Only the young girl can empathize with the Guardian’s ability to feel. She demands that Roy be saved because of his personal dignity. As they flee Roy’s worth is finally realized at the space ship’s destination.


The Village

Neal Embers lives in a massive containment village in Colorado. Pain and suffering have been supplanted with happiness and illusion with implanted imagers. Everyone else is in the real world of self-reliance and hard work, family and dealing with suffering. Something is wrong when Neal’s father chooses to voluntarily end his life and image his life into an unlimited illusion.



Jackie and the Z-man taunt the old man in the supermarket. The old man falls, the security people arrive and the teens flee. But when they entered the store freezer they emerge in World War Two and the approach to the Remagen Bridge across the Rhine. Jackie soon understands death, service and the fight. But most importantly he comes to appreciate and revere the old man in the supermarket.


Players in Purgatory

Ralph Norman crosses a bridge into a world controlled by a select few with the ability to morph between identities. Smelser is on the run and warns Norman about Gerstein’s Funeral Home, the destination for those absorbed as players in purgatory.





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