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Film and TV Adaptation
Robert P. Fitton 

Matthias Jones Audio and Print Books

Escape to the town of Hamilton, New Hampshire. In the Matthias Jones Series Robert P. Fitton brings humor into murder investigations. Growing up in the 1960’s and 70’s Fitton liked the detective and comedy series of the era. He inserts  zany characters and situations into mystery murder plots set in a small New England town. Finding out “who done it?” shouldn’t be funny, but it is!

Time Travel Audio and Print Books

Time travel is an adventure, a journey not just to a faraway land but to another place. The compelling suggestion of materializing in another epoch or era, past or future involves mystery, risk, cleverness, and adjustment. It's the ultimate getaway. Fitton's books are action-packed, quick-moving plots within a historical backdrop.

Harry Cobb Audio and Print Books

Galactic Command Audio and Print Book

Harry Cobb, intra solar system investigator, takes solving a crime into the future. Cobb is a retired bureau agent now working on his own while traveling around the solar system.

Galactic Command adheres to basic human interaction with Commander John Ross at the helm of Explorer Space Ship 14 across a galaxy of aligned planets.

House Series

Being alone at a distant house might be defined as a welcome time away, unless things go awry. In this series by Robert P. Fitton, temporary occupants of homes in various locations face life threatening situations. Not until the end of the story is the true assailant revealed.

Sojourn Audio and Print Book

The epic novel Sojourn spams time and space while touching inner spiritual desires of dynamic intelligence agent Tom Loftus.


Robert P. Fitton's

Matthias Jones Series

His father was an investigator who was murdered. Matthias Jones became an athlete and coach, but he solved his father’s murder.

Hamilton College on the coast of New Hampshire hired him to coach sports, but getting into murder investigations remains his passion. He knows the cops and the district attorney Herbert Lane hates his guts. He's best buds with Cocoa Stefani a major under world character and a good friend of parish priest, Father Jim Gallagher. Jones's persistence gains him the upper hand over the cops and the DA-and the murderer.

The  Strange Death of Dr. Povitch


Did Father Jim Gallagher murder Dr. Sergei Povitch? The police think so. Povitch dies at his observatory from poison at Gallagher's dinner table. Now Gallagher is on the run. Matthias Jones tries to exonerate the priest, but he also suspects his star player, who confided drug use to Dr. Povitch. A Povitch colleague has stolen vital notes from the doctor's notebook for a book deal. And was Povitch's companion, Elsie McIntyre, after his money? Blocking Jones's investigation is a bumbling security cop, Bucky Driscoll. Driscoll clumsily destroys vital evidence and his constant stupidity annoys Jones' temperamental close friend - a sly underworld figure named Cocoa Stefani. Then, a second murder - one of Jones's cheerleaders. While at the funeral in her hometown, Jones finds the evidence he needs to confront the murderer. 




In Funeral March for the Maestro, the conductor of the Prince William Symphony is murdered with a single bullet, yet two shots were fired - a minute apart. Beloved coach Lark Larsen has tested positive for firing a gun. With the help of the wacky locals in Hamilton, New Hampshire, Matthias Jones zeroes in on the real murderer - someone who knew the maestro very well. 

 The Club Max Murder


Club Max, owned by Jones's friend and underworld character Cocoa Stefani, is a cauldron for risky behavior. Jones's star football player is arrested for the murder of a Club Max hooker. Jones jumps into the case, irritated by a Sherlock Holmes buff trying to solve the crime. Mobsters and students are all suspects and it is only in the hair-raising final scene that the true killer is revealed.

Deader than Dead


Hamilton Fletcher leader in the town, industry, and patriarch is murdered in his study. His money grubbing daughter was on the Fletcher Estate in the carriage house. A gun toting neighbor lurked in the shadows. The company controller may have wanted more power. And the fired groundskeeper was upset with Hamilton Fletcher. Matthias Jones finds Hamilton dead at his computer with a mystery file called Jersey imports on the screen. After being shot at on numerous occasions, threatened and targeted for murder, Matthias Jones locates the accused. Of course the local yokels impede and help him solve the murder-all with much (lol).

Murder at Tolby Lake

Murder at Tolby Lake

In Murder at Tolby Lake Brad Davis was a brilliant genetic researcher working for Hamilton Fletcher and Hamilton College. But Davis’s wild life of parties, booze, drugs and sex made him many enemies. When he is murdered a Hamilton College student Amy Pollard is found with her personally owned handgun, the gun that killed Brad Davis. Just that afternoon Davis bloodied his benefactor, Hamilton Fletcher’s nose. Lurking in the background is Davis’s mob connection to Albert Fiore in Boston. A Hamilton College professor, Zoey Wilmont is suspiciously surveying the lake house area. The Fletchers reach out to Matthias Jones to protect the college’s interest and find the murderer. Jones ends up with his nefarious friend Cocoa Stefani in Boston eventually confronts the murderer directly.

Murder at the Applegate


The Handyman's Secret


The Handyman's Secret

A collision of Lark Larsen’s new boat with “the Maintenance Free” in Hamilton Bay leads to the murder of local handyman Webster Howard. Lark hires an intelligence operative, Detective Clyde Hooper whose antics annoy and frustrate Matthias Jones’s investigation of the murder. Cocoa Stefani falls in love with a beautiful but innocent brunette, Janet Boudreaux, but J.B. soon becomes a Jones suspect. Trooper Banastre O’Connell appears to have been romantically involved with the overspending Mabel Howard, Webster’s wife. In the middle of the investigation is Reverend John Paul Bricker and” his church.” From a bar on Cape Cod Jones and Cocoa track the killer, while shadowed by Clyde Hooper and his helper, the ever-bumbling Bucky Driscoll.

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