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Lee Havrye Oswald alledgedly shot President Kennedy,

Lee Harvey Oswald vs the Real Lee Oswald

David Ferrie and Lee Harvey Oswald in the Cival Air Patrol


The 15 year old Lee Harvey Oswald under the tutelage of David Ferrie is a part of the Civil Air Patrol in New Orleans.

Lee Harvey Oswald as a marine

 OCTOBER 26, 1956

Lee Harvey Oswald enlists in the United States Marine Corps.

May 3, 1957:

Lee Harvey Oswald is given a "Confidential" security clearance

the U-2 spy plane-Oswald.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1957:

Lee Harvey Oswald arrives in Japan at Yokosuka, where he is assigned to the

Marine Air Control Squadron #1, Marine Air Group 11, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, based in

Atsugi, home of the U-2 spy plane. Oswald learns the radar tracking of the U-2 and his unit follow the U-2nin different locations.


Moneterey Language School

California’s Monterey School, where Ricahrd Nagell had received his own extensive language training, was still quite active when Oswald was stationed in California in 1959...   Lee Harvey Oswald more than likely went to this school.

-Bill Kelly

Photo by Roger Wollstadt.
Lee Harvey Oswald Marines

At the time, in 1959, the United States was having real difficulty in acquiring information out of the Soviet Union; the technical systems had, of course, not developed to the point that they are at today, and we were resorting to all sorts of activities. One of these activities was an ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) program which involved three dozen, maybe forty, young men who were made to appear disenchanted, poor, American youths who had become turned off and wanted to see what communism was all about. Some of these people lasted only a few weeks. They were sent into the Soviet Union, or into eastern Europe, with the specific intention the Soviets would pick them up and 'double' them if they suspected them of being US agents, or recruit them as KGB agents. They were trained at various naval installations both here and abroad, but the operation was being run out of Nag's Head, North Carolina.

Lee Harvey Oswald Marines

September 11, 1959:

Lee Harvey Oswald is released from active duty in the Marine Corps under the auspices of a " hardship" condition . A box of candy fell on his mother's nose. Oswald stays 72 hours in Dallas and then head for New Orleans. A freighter brings him across the Atlantic. Supposedly he is going to a CIA related Albert Schweitzer College in Switzerland.

Lee Harvey Oswald defects to the Soviet Union

OCTOBER 16, 1959:

Lee Harvey Oswald, after staying at the two best hotels in Helsinki, enters Russia and travels to Moscow via train. The CIA had kept a Helsinki official happy.

Lee Harvey Oswald and Robert Webster.

Lee Harvey Oswald and Robert Webster-the false defector program to the Soviet Union. Marina Prusakova befriends both men.

JANUARY 4, 1960:

Lee Harvey Oswald is told he is being sent to Minsk, where he observes and writes. His job is working an an electronics factory..


U-2 spy plane crashes
MAY  1, 1960:

The U-2 spy plane is shot down over Russia and a high level Eisenhower-Khrushchev summit is canceled by the Russians.  Lee Harvey Oswald lived in the Soviet Union at this time.
Lee HarveyOswald comes home

MAY 24, 1962:

Lee Harvey Oswald and his new wife, Marina Nikolayevna Prusakova get the necessary papers to return to the United States. On June 14, 1962 Marina and Lee arrive in Fort Worth. Not bad treatment for a defector!

Oswald Jaggers-Childs-Stvak CIA
OCTOBER 1962-APRIL 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald employed in top secret company.

- a contract with the Army Map Service to set the typescript for its maps.
-  maps from secret aerial photographs presumably taken from spy satellites,  U2 planes etc.

“Like all other employees of he typesetting department, Oswald had complete access to the worktables on which the secret lists of place-names for the Army Map Service were kept. In theory, these were supposed to be ‘restricted areas’ in which only employees with a security clearance from the FBI were allowed to be present. In fact, however, little effort was made to enforce these restrictions. There were no guards or security measures which prevented employees from entering the areas in which the classified work was done….It was even possible, according to Calverly, for employees to use the cameras in the plant to reproduce the list of names.”
   Bill Kelly
Reily Coffee Company

MAY 1963

Lee Harvey Oswald employment at Reily Coffee Company. William Reilly, owner of the Reilly Coffee Company was CIA connected. In August of 1963, Judyth Vary Baker and Lee Harvey Oswald, 23, both started working for the firm on same day, May 10, 1963.

Oswald routinely met with  FBI agents and received large white envelopes.

"Before he left the William Reily Coffee Company, Oswald visited garage owner Adrian Alba to say goodbye. According to the record, he had been fired for malingering. Yet Oswald seemed pleased, telling Alba he expected to work next at the New Orleans plant of NASA -- the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. He never did work there, although four of his colleagues at Reily did move to NASA within weeks of Oswald's departure. At all events Oswald departed, telling Alba, 'I have found my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow'"

(Anthony Summers, Conspiracy, 1989, Paragon House, 284).


Not one photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City exists. Oswald never went to Mexico City but was impersonated by a blonde haired man, according to Cuban Consulate personnel.  Additionally,  someone said they were Lee Harvey Oswald in numerous Mexico City phone calls to the Cuban and Russian Consulates. Then CIA employees distorted and fabricated transcripts to frame Oswald.

Lee Harvey Oswald and a Cuban exile attempts to buy rifles  from know gun runner and personal friend of Fidel Castro Robert McKeown. Had Mckeown sold the rifles to Oswald, a rifle would have been planted in Dallas, thus linking Oswald to the purchase from a close friend of Castro.
Mrs. Paine and the TSBD

Ruth Paine gets Lee Harvey Oswald a job along  the Kennedy motorcade route at the Texas School Book Depository.

Mr. BELIN. Mr. Truly, when did you first hear of the name of Lee Harvey Oswald?
Mr. TRULY. I heard the name on or about October 15th.
Mr. BELIN. Of what year?
Mr. TRULY. Of 1963.
Mr. BELIN. And from whom did you hear the name? Could you just relate to the Commission the circumstances, if you would, please?
Mr. TRULY. I received a phone call from a lady in Irving who said her name was Mrs. Paine.
Mr. BELIN. All right.
What did Mrs. Paine say, and what did you say?
Mr. TRULY. She said, "Mr. Truly,"---words to this effect---you understand---" Mr. Truly, you don't know who I am but I have a neighbor whose brother works for you. I don't know what his name is. But he tells his sister that you are very busy. And I am just wondering if you can use another man," or words to that effect.
And I told Mrs.---she said, "I have a fine young man living here with his wife and baby, and his wife is expecting a baby--another baby, in a few days, and he needs work desperately."  Now, this is not absolutely--this is as near as I can remember the conversation over the telephone.  And I told Mrs. Paine that--to send him down, and I would talk to him--that I didn't have anything in mind for him of a permanent nature, but if he was suited, we could possibly use him for a brief time.
Mr. BELIN. Was there anything else from that conversation that you remember at all, or not?
Mr. TRULY. No. I believe that was the first and the last time that I talked to Mrs. Paine.
In fact, I could not remember her name afterwards until I saw her name in print, and then it popped into my mind that this was the lady who called me.
Lunch room Texas School Book Depository,

NOVEMBER 22, 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald in second floor lunch room.

Mrs. R. E. ARNOLD, Secretary, Texas School Book Depository, advised she was in her office on the second floor of the building on November 22, 1963, and left that office between 12:00 and 12:15 PM, to go downstairs and stand in front of the building to view the Presidential Motorcade. As she was standing in front of the building, she stated she thought she caught a fleeting glimpse of LEE HARVEY OSWALD standing in the hallway between the front door and the double doors leading to the warehouse, located on the first floor. She could not be sure that this was OSWALD, but said she felt it was and believed the time to be a few minutes before 12:15 PM.

She stated thereafter she viewed the Presidential Motorcade and heard the shots that were fired at the President; however, she could furnish no information of value as to the individual firing the shots or any other information concerning OSWALD, whom she stated she did not know and had merely seen him working in the building.

                                                                                                               on 11/26/1963 at Dallas, Texas
                                                                                                               File # DL 89–43
                                                                                                               by Special Agent Richard E. Harrison

(Warren Commission Document 5, p.41)

Zapruder Frame 313 before JFK is Assassinated

NOVEMBER 22, 1963: 12:30 pm

President Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connolly are shot  in a an open car in Dealey Plaza, Dallas Texas. Lee Harvey Oswald was in the second floor door opening.

Lee Harvey Oswald arrested at the Texas Theater

NOVEMBER 22, 1963:

Oswald Arrested at the Texas theater. He has a wallet with two ID's. It is one of three wallets found to incriminate him for murder. Witnesses see an identical Oswald loaded in a cruiser behind the theater. Oswald had moved around inside the theater, sitting next to various patrons as he searched for someone. But the Dallas Police have inside information on his background from Army intelligence. The bring him into custody and he will never be free again.

Lee HarveyOswald calls Naval Intelligence
November 24, 1963

Lee Harvey Oswald attempted to call Naval Intelligence in Nag's Head North Carolina. But they never let the call go through.
Lee Harvey Oswald murdered by Jack Ruby

NOVEMBER 24, 1963

Jack Ruby murders Lee Harvey Oswald.

The grave of Lee Harvey Oswald.

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