Fitton's Time Machine

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A Trilogy of Destiny


Robert P. Fitton

He was banished from all intelligence work because his mentor, running for president died in a prodigious boat explosion. Now his old boss is calling Captain Loftus back into action. But going back into action means seeing his lost love from years ago. In the shadows are beings not of this world

Sojourn, A  Novel of Destiny


Audio Chapters One and Two


In a magnificent odyssey Tom Loftus and Zach cross the Intergalactic Passageway connecting earth with the planets of humanity's origin. Awaiting them are other worlds, vast armies, and Sard, the Vargut Emnas now the leader of the Creod Realm.


Chapter 35-Bathurst Island

The ancient writings containing in the Saba speak of The Awaited One. Loftus escapes the underground prison, converted to the words of Ta-Buhn-Shar, the leaders of an early race who vanished into a spiritual existence. He meets Zuni, a see-er of the knowledge. As the people proclaim him the Awaited One, Loftus faces a  confrontation and final battle with Sard. Destiny awaits the victor.

CH-44-sound effects-Sard

Chapter 44-Sard attacks Alta-Shar

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