Author Robert P. Fitton

Cape Cod Massachusetts

My Ancient Novels Come to Life!

I wrote five novels after graduating from UMass Amherst. The first novel was a Star Trek novel, The Apex of Power. My agent circulated the manuscript to Bantam Books and around New York. {Please play TAPS at this time.} lol This was at the time of the first Star Trek Movie. The manuscript literally sat in a box as I moved hither and yon across the country. Rewriting the book would certainly polish this early work... However, I have decided to record that book but not sell it since I don't own it. Sound effects and Star Trek sounds have been added.  So, it will be a freebee on YouTube.

The Red Light District: Like all my early books editing is mandatory to make the work flow smoothly and paint the picture of the story. Because of the constraint of present projects I am in the process of recording and editing the Ancient books. Oddly, that effort is going well and It should be for sale on audible in August, complete with sound effects.

Other Ancient Fitton Novels on audio.

A Nobel Experiment
The Red Light District
The Apex of Power

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