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Anthony was my Bro

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Hey… I’m Cocoa Stefani. Anthony was my Bro. He was-missin’ for five years. Anthony had drugs problems. He gut in with wrong crowd. When ya do that it’s like walkin’ the tight rope at the circus. It’s a long way down. Anthony had been handlin’ drugs from New York City. Anthony never came back. I wuz down there. What’s one guy gonna do? Those boys down there will eat ya alive. I didn’t like it but I drove the Vet back to Prince William and spent weeks in my club just starin’ at my beer. When I didn’t finish the mug, Bruno brought me a fresh one. It took a while but I learn to accept Anthony ain’t comin’ back. Funny-my mother accepted it right away. I guess livin’ with my old man she learned to accept things easier than me.

My father left my mother when Anthony and me we just kids. My father was an important guy in the Boston/New Hampshire area. Somethin’ happened and he left. We grew up on the streets along the docks. It made us tough. It made us strong. Anthony had just gotten engaged before he disappeared. That’s the way it goes. Things change. And Jonesy came on the scene. I keep tellin’ him the girls at the club think he’s hot but I guess he’s got a steady girl, Frannie McShane from Hamilton. At least Jonesy deep sixed that pushy chick Stephanie from Indiana.

Chapter One

My mother likes Jonesy. We had him over my mother’s house for dinner. You know pasta, sausage-the works. My mother cooks enough ta fill ya gut providin ‘Uncle Dullio don’t become the human vacuum cleana’. Somehow Lou Marlow’s name came up. Lou Marlow was Hamilton Fletcha’s mortal enemy. The old man always said the Marlow caused Dorothy Fletcher’s fatal accident up in New York. Sean Grogan, Marlow’s hatchet man, made Marlow look like an altar boy. The old man thought Lou Marlow was gonna ruin his 70th birthday at Fletcher Hill.

Bucky’s Birthday Bash

The next day Jonesy and me went over to check some things at the club and we find that rodent Driscoll in with the dimwit Dewars on my music system singing Happy Birthday. I fired Jonesy’s startin’ pistol and drove the two morons out of the club. That’s when Jonesy saw the picture of me and Anthony from the newspaper just before he went to New York. Fiore sent people down from Boston but ran into deadly gangs in New York City.

At the old man’s birthday party, the disaster began with Driscoll grab the mike and Dewars almost got electrocuted in the pool. That’s when the plane flew over Fletcher Hill. Lou Marlow jumped out but his chute didn’t open. I began thinkin’ the old man hired somebody to screw with that chute.

Last jump for Lou Marlow

This party lead to Driscoll and Larsen being brought to the mental place in Newtown. But it also led to Jonesy investigating what he said was a murder. I’ll tell ya Jonesy became like a brother ta me, arrivin’ at Hamilton College a couple of years after Anthony disappeared. Sometimes I had to catch myself from callin’ him ‘Bro.” Then I gave up and Jonesy gets it.

The Prince William Gazette

I took off to New York City on a lead about Anthony’s disappearance. That’s when all hell broke loose. Jonesy is loyal as hell. Yeah, Jonesy came ta New York and so did Uncle Dullio. Dullio played ball at Notre Dame and later her joined an elite black ops unit is the service. Nobody messes with Dullio. The gunfire was brutal in New York. With the FBI on our tail, we found the guy who killed my brother.

Jonesy and me came back to New Hampshire like brothers in Anthony’s memory. I‘ll tell ya what I tell Jonesy all the time. Drop by the club, the girls are friendly.


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