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Fitton on the Air Podcast: 1939/I Have Seen the Future

The dehaviland dh-4 biplane

Arriving in US Mail from St. Louis in the original dehaviland dh-4 biplane in ten bulky gunny sacks are the combined audiobook renditions and supplemental background information as presented in podcast form by moi, me-Robert P. Fitton. Good evening one and all wherever in the galaxy you make your home. In this broadcast episode from the 46 foot high broadcast tower at Storybook Junction I have an announcement: I want to talk about my books.

Fitton Books as of summer of 2022 (Excluding Freebees)

Hey, hey, hey I know. In the past I’ve carpet bombed this podcast with snippets and driblets of my audiobooks. That’s really wonderful Bob…. Right… Right That hogs up the hard drive… It does… too much material for a meager podcast. Now look… I have over fifty books… and I probably should talk about them…Ya think?

Let’s bring in the Fitton on the air spinning wheel out here… Hanna will haul it out here. Let’s spin and we’ll stop at the book at random. Unless I don’t like it of course. But I like all my books… Even the free ones… from way back… I don’t have Vanna White but I do have Miss Hanna Blight. Hanna, would you spin the Fitton on the air spinning wheel?

Hannah Blight

Vanna White

Nurse Ratched


Oh yeah- please—pretty please with horse radish on it. Hanna is of course a cousin to Nurse Mildred Ratched. Hanna can bench press six hundred pounds of cheese puffs in a single bound.

And here we go go… round and round over all them thar books. All those years and years of stories. Written on the east coast… Written on the west coast… In long hand shorthand in pencil and pen, flair and marker…  with manual and electric typewriters and IMB XT’s, CompuServe and HP and Dell….


Yeah, I’m done. Where did it land?


OKAY thank you Hanna you can go back to wherever it is you came from… Get out of here… come on. Sorry about that.

Okay 1939/ I have seen the Future:

I am going to follow the humanity  viewpoint here. I could talk about straight technology and perhaps will at another time. When I say humanity, I’m talking about how we treat each other… better called the dignity of man. The future postulated in the book is horrible basically because humans are not in charge. It is the Seraph who dominate several versions later of the internet and thus everyone on the planet. Control and domination of groups of people is nothing new in the history of planet earth so I don’t think I’m stretching the speculation with this storyline.

There is a look into the distant future too and it’s not pretty with human retreating across the solar system from the Seraph.

The Enclave is here-the last vestige of mankind

Andy Reese. Andy Reese is not goody two shoes. Andy Reese is not some genius who figures it all out- that is what has happened to the human race. It is this a natural evolution from the technology revolution as posited at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York City. It can go either way boys and girls…I’m just sending up warning flairs to what could be. The evolution of artificial intelligence to become more powerful than humans would not happen spontaneously. And that’s true of any evolving technology. I would ask what technology today has evolved where there is an element of control in our everyday lives. Just television is an example of luring humans into the virtual two-dimensional world. Which is fine as long as the viewer is able to bounce back into his/ her human-real world.

The Eternal Mark

Get a life Baby

And what about the Metaverse? Don’t even think about it or maybe you should thinking about it. Think about what it would be like to be in that total world. It may sound good.

Who’s in charge?

What about phones? Wow. And I’m checking my mail, skipping over to what I might want to watch or listen to through the portal of my phone. So what’s wrong with that Fitton, you ask? Nothing unless the technology has diminished my so-called humanity. Right? Then what about face time? That’s a good choice because you’re checking in and making contact. If I was constantly in the middle of perpetual video games, some of them involving killing other humans-it would not be a good thing!

Happy Trails to You…

So, who am I pontificating? Again, I’m just sending up flares. ‘Nachdanken.’ Think. Aside from all my technological castigation. Look-in the end letting technology totally control your life is self-destructive despite the lure.

But here what to keep in mind when Andy is back in time and at the World’s Fair in New York. Look at all the futuristic pavilions, inventions, and dazzling presentations-all geared toward the future. The freeways constructed in the General Motors Futurama—Electro the robot—RCA and Television broadcasting FDR. Everything, after enduring Great Depression,  geared toward progress! Progress is good but the character Dr. Herman Geiger is the primary force of caution and Lucy Apel, the young woman, exceedingly bright, encounters reality.

I won’t get into the aliens in this book, but I will say they are like the old Microsoft DOS, unforgiving and only capable of their programming and limitations.

I’ll end this podcast before I fly out of here by just saying that one word: Nachdanken. Just think. I’m Robert P. Fitton climbing aboard the pane and flying back to reality!

How the mighty have fallen

All of my books are available in Paperback, Kindle and Audio at Amazon and Audible.

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Comprehensive because the author pens the novel in paperback and kindle as well as producing the story narration, the character voices and sound effects in audio.

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