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Gentlemen, We Must Destroy Jim Garrison!

Jim Garrison

“I recognize this man as a member of the intel community.”

R.H.: “Central Intelligence Agency.”

“Why would Jim Garrison need to be destroyed?”

R.H.: “Because…because he had found the edge of the conspiracy to kill President Kennedy.”

“You know this?”

R.H.: “Yes, I do.”

“Do you know who killed President Kennedy?”

R.H.: “I honestly do not… wish to talk about it.”

“ Let me clarify. I was told that Clay Shaw worked for CIA. Garrison would have unraveled the plot with that knowledge.”

R.H.: “I can’t comment on that.”

“You were involved in an operation trying to stop information from getting to Garrison.”

R.H.: “I can’t comment on that.”

“Patch Kincaid was severely injured because of your actions.”

R.H.: “I know nothing of that. As far as Captain Kincaid he knew the risks in whatever he volunteered for. He was formidable.”

“What about Morocco, Gibraltar, France, and Great Britain?”

R.H.: “Classified. I can’t talk about it.”

“Did you ever think, that what you were doing came out of a small group of people with a narrow-minded point of view?”

R.H.: “I don’t like traitors. I’ve had my fill of traitors. And will take out traitors when ordered.”

“You are the problem, Mr. Helms.”

R.H.: “Go to hell…”

Richard Helms

HSCA Testimony of Richard Helms

After listening to Helms’s testimony one is struck by the fact that Helms was walking line between the devil and the deep blue sea.


So, CIA was as pure as the new fallen snow in attempting to thwart the Garrison Investigation. Ha,Ha. Take a look at this memo from F.W.M. Janney.

Janney Memo

F.W.M. Janney

As I have written before Baker Finch is a metaphor for all the agency dirty tricks, illegalities, and assassinations. The Garrison Group, chaired by F.W.M. Janney, was a serious group of individuals who recommended direct action against Garrison and were willing to confer with the defendant, Clay Shaw’s lawyers.

Clay Shaw

Clay Shaw Interview

Welcome to the third book in the Patch Kincaid narrative. I did not designate the third and fourth books as American Injustice because it was a catchy phrase. Egregious is the only word I can use to describe the result of the agency’s action during the two-decade span from its inception in 1948. Conversely, the agency has protected the people of the United States from foreign threats. The agency is complex and diverse. To view it as one entity would not be accurate nor fair. But there were those within the agency that had a parochial attitude to what they perceived as threats. It is how the threats (real or otherwise) were dealt with that has damaged the agency and the country.

Eladio deValle

David Ferrie

Patch enters the narrative in late 1966 and by early 1967 he becomes a part of an ultra-secret network, controlled by the illusive Denali. The mission is to get information to the Garrison investigation. But those in power try to thwart his efforts. In the audio book I have melded contemporary audio 1967 in American Injustice: Jim Garrison. Just writing about the events of 1967 and 1968 or quoting someone is not enough. Listening to the investigators around Garrison as well as those who tried to destroy him gives reality to those who were not born in the 1960’s.

You can hear Mark Lane in 1967 debating David Liebler lawyer of the Warren Commission or Louis Nitzer in a feisty exchange. The NBC white paper is linked in the Kindle editions as is the Garrison response. Garrison’s investigator Gurvich who betrayed Garrison, is in the audio.

Mark Lane



Walter Sheridan

James Phelan

Hugh Ayensworth


Eventually working out of Louisiana Patch and Meinkewitz commence operations against those who tried to take down Garrison.

The Mafia did not like being prosecuted by Robert F. Kennedy during the Kennedy Administration. They are still around in and out of jail during the Garrison Investigation.

Santo Trafficante

Carlos Marcello

Johnny Roselli

How about Dean Andrews the double-talking attorney who was asked by Clay Shaw to defend Lee Oswald? And the CIA plants in the investigation including Perry Russo’s job offer in California- and the media itself, become part of the narrative. (I thought Oswald did it.)

Dean Andrews

Dean Andrews

Perry Russo

Perry Russo Interview

I would be remiss if I did not mention Lieutenant Natalie Tompkins, who falls in love with Patch but Patch rebuffs her as he thinks he might have a chance to get back home to his wife and two boys. But don’t worry, it’s a long two books.

Tomkins’s boss is Commander Phineas Beauregard who reports directly to Denali. And Dr. Mike Cameron is an important researcher as well as a doctor who treats Patch after a bloody encounter. Both Phinney and Mike are off to Vietnam to interview a Dallas coordinator of the plot against JFK.

And holding the book together is Ray Meinkewitz, physicist, and time travel aficionado. Meinkewitz’s abilities both physical and mental are tested in the novel as he and patch attempt to front load Garrison’s investigation with information.


Jim Morrison Interview with Howard Smith November 6, 1969

Many people would ask why The Doors, especially Jim Morrison have an undercurrent in this book that affects the future. It’s because time travel is a risky venture.

Robert P. Fitton

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