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Guns, Films, and Antonio Veciana

Dallas, Texas

Two Mourning Doves Flocking

Did you ever notice that birds of a feather flock together? Jack Ruby, the hapless night club owner who wanted to spare Jaqueline Kennedy the heartache of a trial in Dallas, had an alter ego that most people would find interesting. Jack Ruby was a gunrunner. In earlier chapters Ruby’s Oldsmobile trunk was filled with armaments and ordinance. During the 1950’s Jack was and in and out of Cuba at the behest of organized crime, transporting weapons to the Caribbean Island. He knew and worked with Robert McKeown was in turn friends with Castro- as seen with his friend McKeown on a visit to the United States.

Robert Mckewon and his wife Ethel Bayview Texas

Castro and McKewon

Now that everyone has the picture in their mind Lee Oswald and another man named Hernandez enter upon the scene at McKeown’s home near Galveston. So what is Lee Oswald doing knocking on McKeown’s front door?

The Cabana Motel Dallas Texas 1963

Here is what happened according to McKeown’s HSCA testimony as placed in a narrative in Return to Dallas.

A dark-haired man opened the front door. “My name is Lee Oswald. I fi-nally found you. You are McKeown, are you not?”


“Another phony setup,” whispered Patch.

Patch twisted the audio gain higher. The tape recorder reels spun around as Oswald spoke.

“Well, I have looked for you quite a while, but I am sure that you are McKeown. I understand that you can supply any amount of arms.”

“Who told you that?”

“Guns?” asked Patch. “He’s asking about guns.”

“I’m pretty sure that you can do it,” said Oswald. “We are thinking about having a revolution in El Salvador.”

“El Salvador?”

“Yes. It’s such a small country that it would be easy to do.”

The man’s voice became strained. “I want to tell you right now here that I am on probation and I said I am not about to get mixed up in no damned arms of any kind, not anymore. I am in enough trouble as it is. I won’t give you nothin’.”

Patch adjusted the amp as Oswald continued. “You could make all this money, Mr. McKeown.”

“I said I’m not interested in money,” he said, raising his voice. “I am married now. I am working. I am trying to do right, and I do not want to get mixed up in anything like this. So that’s that. Have a good day.”

“But, Mr. McKeown . . .”

“My wife doesn’t know any of this. She does not know that I was mixed up in all this mess. So goodbye.”

“This is Mr. Hernández.”

“Glad to know you,” said Hernández clearly with a slight accent. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“That’s all in the past. Goodbye.”

Oswald and Hernández headed back to the car, but Patch could still hear McKeown and his friend after he closed the door. “Sam, ain’t that a hell of a mess?”

“Mac, don’t mess with them.

“I ain’t gonna mess with them.”

Shari hit his arm, and Patch looked up. “Patch, Oswald is going back to the house.”

Patch kept the tape running as Oswald knocked again. McKeown stepped outside this time.

“Mac, would you do me a favor? And it will not involve you in any way. I can give you $10,000 if you can get me four rifles. I have the money right in my pocket.”

“Look, pal. I said no.”

“I would prefer the 300 Savage automatics with a telescope sight.”

Patch turned toward her. “He wants automatic rifles!”

McKeown thought for a second.

“What do you want with four rifles? You can’t do nothing with a revolution with four rifles.”

“If you get them for me, I would sure appreciate it. I will give you $10,000 if you can get those four rifles.”

Again, McKeown paused and looked skyward before he spoke again.

“No way. Just like I told you, I am not getting involved in no kind of arms. Hell, if you want rifles, you can go down to Sears Roebuck and buy them. You can get rifles in any hardware store. Why do you have to come to me to get them?”

Oswald looked him in the eye. “You are being very uncooperative and rude.”

“There is no reason for you and me talking anymore. I am not going to fool with any arms whatsoever, none whatsoever.”

McKeown retreated into the house, and Oswald and Hernández re-turned to the car. Patch shut off the recorder, and he and Shari looked at each other.

“McKeown wants nothing to do with getting rifles for Oswald. He says you can buy them at Sears.”

“I agree with McKeown,” said Shari. “You can buy those guns anywhere.”

Oswald clearly was sent, by who we don’t know. And everyone following Return to Dallas blogs know Oswald was being set-up. Can you imagine if McKeown friend of Castro had procured a rifle for Oswald and what if that rife was placed in the School Book Depository. Does the word patsy mean anything at this point?

Patch tells a Mr. Jim Pearl, that he and Shari want out of the operation. He mentioned there is a possibility that Oswald will meet with David Atlee Phillips. They are to proceed to the Southland Building.

At the Cabana Motor Inn:

Ten Grand! That’s right ten thousand dollars in the Dallas PO Box. In 1963 dollars. Do you think the next operation is rather dangerous? Watch out for Harry Holmes, says Jim Pearl he is a FBI informant.

Dallas Postmaster Harry Holmes

David Atlee Phillips

Antonio Vecicana

To be, or not to be, that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles. And by opposing end them. To die—to sleep, No more; and by a sleep to say we end. The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks. That flesh is heir to: ’tis a consummation.—Hamlet

The former Southland Center Dallas

Alpha-66 leader Antonio Veciana made an incendiary statement- two months JFK’s death Veciana was with Oswald and a handler: Maurice Bishop who was according to Veciana in a later admission, CIA officer David Atlee Phillips

Dr. John Newman’s unraveling the Veciana yarn.

Veciana’s accounts have radically changed over the four decades leading up to the appearance of his 2017 book Trained to Kill. His first account on 2 March 1976 was given to Gaeton Fonzi, an investigator then working for Senator Schweiker of the Select Committee on Intelligence Activities (SSCIA). That interview occurred while he was incarcerated for cocaine trafficking, an offense for which he still claims he was innocent. Three months after his parole, Veciana was interviewed by journalist Dick Russell. Veciana gave his third account in a 25-26 March 1978 deposition to the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA). The fourth phase of his story took place during the numerous lengthy sessions he had with Gaeton Fonzi during the fifteen years between the HSCA’s final report (2 January 1979) and the 1993 appearance of Fonzi’s book, The Last Investigation.’

KILL THE MESSENGER: Antonio Veciana, Mystery Man in JFK Assassination (Part 1) – By John Newman

Oh no, Veciana was lying I had to rewrite the chapter

Having the Southland chapter stand with Oswald and Phillips was not going to be accurate. Patch and Shari are surveiling the Southland Building but Oswald has been zapped from the chapter. Other nefarious creatures, who are a part of the plot, are brought into the works.

At the PO Box:

Oswald walks into the post office when Patch is at his PO Box. He gives Patch a disgruntled look as he passes. To get the ten grand they need to shoot movie film in some kind of operation..

A disgruntled Lee Oswald spots Patch

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