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He’s got to go!

President John F. Kennedy

Arriving in US Mail from St. Louis in the original dehaviland dh-4 biplane in ten bulky gunny sacks are the combined audio book renditions and supplemental background in-formation as presented in podcast form by moi, me-Robert P. Fitton. Good evening one and all wherever in the galaxy you make your home.

Sir, can I help you?

I don’t think so. You don’t have anything I want.

You don’t know that. You have something to do with the Kennedy Assassination.

“What makes you say that?”

You certainly are dressed well and have a certain savoir faire. Do you know Patch Kincaid?

Yeah, I knew Patch very well. He saved my life and a few of my friends. I could always trust him to carry the load, He never opened his mouth. Most of all he was loyal. That’s the most important thing.

Who killed Kennedy?

You’ll have to contact the researchers on that subject. They’ll find the truth sooner or later.

“Where were you when Kennedy was shot?”

Vegas. Asleep. I got woken up with a phone call and got the news.

“ You like Kennedy?”

It’s not a matter of liking. The man had these college boy ideals. You know how the world is supposed to be not the way the world is. You can’t just try and change everything and think nothin’s gonna happen. There’s only a few of the people left who were in the thick of this. I know cause I was too. Stay safe and like I told Patch it’s not good to ask too many questions. Just do as you’re told. It’s the only way to stay alive.”

Return to Dallas originally detailed everything that happened to Patch Kincaid from his vendor table in Dealey Plaza until he appeared in 1963 in Spokane, Washington. When I rewrote the novel 1963, adding new research as well as what I did not include in the original book, I decided to re-title the novel Return to Dallas, which became the second book in the Patch Kincaid Series. The entire chapter on Lee Oswald, David Phillips, and the Southland Center was rewritten because the truth was uncovered by Dr. John Newman‘s work.

Patch arrives in Spokane Washington in 1963. His memory has been targeted and he has a note instructing him to meet Johnny Roselli at an appointed time in Dodger Stadium.

Mr. Roselli

How and why Patch returned to 1963 is in a small book appropriately called Transition. I wanted Patch in the Return to Dallas book be like a Jason Bourne, not knowing who he is and why he was there. (Nor would the reader know) And who sent him to meet Handsome Johnny in Los Angeles?

Beginning of Transition

Two things seem odd about the Return to Dallas book.Placing science fiction in the shadow of the most researched, encyclopedic event of the Twentieth Century seems out of place. I can hear the researchers and conspiracy buffs cringing, moaning, and groaning. In Return to Dallas the forces producing the movement through time are emphasized not the machine.

This novel is designed to maintain a strong narrative and at the same time highlighting the mass of information surrounding the assassination. It was essential to footnote this information because simply put: Everyone has a theory or an assertion about the Kennedy Assassination. I wanted to demonstrate why I was postulating the facts as I saw them. The science fiction makes it possible to see the assassination unfold. This is based on witness testimony as well as measurable scientific results. My insertion of the footnotes may seem top heavy to the plot because most novels don’t have over eight hundred footnotes. Conversely the plot may be antithetical to the narrative because there is so much data. Here’s the surprise : it works and it’s a unique approach.

John Barbour

Most who research the assassination study a niche, the idea most promoted by Penn Jones. “ And then research the hell out of it,” he said. I’m heading toward a central point and that point was made in an interview with researcher and TV icon John Barbour. Do we or do we not want to solve the JFK assassination? Or how much do we want the truth? If we were dead serious in tracking down Jack Kennedy’s killers then we would be out in front of the Justice Department by the millions, demanding the answers to the Kennedy Assassination until we got them. I truly believe this. I’m not diminishing research by any means. Where would we be without what has been learned over the past sixty years? It all about political capital. In either case raising the public consciousness.

Novels raising the Consciousness

Some may this I recklessly changes part of the November 22 narrative and have done a disservice to the solving of the crime. No way. I wanted a salient point to be foremost in the public’s mind. Oswald was supposed to die from sinister forces. Jack Ruby was the one man with the means and the will to shoot Oswald dead. How Oswald dies in my book is less relevant than the fact he was supposed to be taken out. Obviously, no one involved in this operation wanted Oswald’s mouth to flap. And it was beginning to flap by Saturday night. And then he was dead. Unfortunately, Jack Ruby links for the Patch Kincaid Series are all pre-Dallas.

Harlan Ellison

Harlan Ellison talks about storytelling

Bringing raw history into the body of the book is one thing the audio version of the long road to Dallas accomplishes. I began doing audio for my books simply because I was listening to see if the story flowed nicely and at the correct pace. Since an author knows his characters, according to Science Fiction legend Harlan Ellison, what better way to accentuate their qualities than to have the author read or perform?

The Storm Drain Theory

Jack Webb

The Kennedy Assassination more than many historical events demands that you get it right. Many people can talk themselves into a theory when the place to start is with the facts. And people lie. Just what are the facts?

Just the Facts

This is not an easy thing, especially when multiple points of view are presented, and countervailing sets of research are telling you otherwise. And let’s add the big one here. The people who contrived this atrocity were not playing games. They never wanted any of this to see the light of day. And if you did find something significant that knowledge led you into a black hole. Try and get out of that one. They never counted on that information bonanza called the internet. Because even when you uncover detail through internet documents you are led to multiple shooters from multiple entities and multiple locations. And in steps the coverup artists, also from multiple sources lead you astray. And who would believe any of it anyway?

Robert P. Fitton

From Love Field through Dealey Plaza

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