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I Have Seen The Future: A Quick Synopsis

I Have Seen The Future

I Have Seen the Future:

Lucy Apel, the 1939 World’s Fair, and the Future

I was asked in a recent interview what the future would be like. I said that we could go one of two ways like Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken. The poignant thought about I Have Seen the Future is that we get to contrast a horrific future with the optimism of the 1939 New York World’s Fair. I Have Seen The Future is the theme of the fair.

What is this disastrous future? Yikes….Mind you its only one pathway. First of all, we have a moral man living in amoral world. Andy Reese an exo-astonomer. He searches the universe for earth-like worlds in high def I might add

In control of everything is the artificial intelligence evolved from the present day AI, called the Seraph, who operate from within what used to be the internet.

Andy calls them the monkeys. Andy is suspended by the monkeys in midair for months as a punishment. When he is finally released and Back at work he is contacted from the future I might add by the last vestige of mankind on Ganymede. They want to send him back to a pivotal moment in time where a reckless road of science into the future can be averted. Remember there’s only about a dozen hu-mans left….

You can see by now minus the action and suspense that Andy is sent to Iowa 1939 at first. But here’s the catch: the Monkeys follow him back in time. And he meets the precocious young woman Lucy Apel who wins an essay contest to go the World’s Fair. Andy will also be looking for a Dr. Herman Geiger, the man of worldwide renown who can change the reckless scientific future. . Lucy is familiar with Geiger’s philosophy and has corresponded with him. Geiger will be at the fair. All the while the monkeys are after Andy and anyone around him.

Being at the 1939 New York World’s Fair even for a writer is absolutely awesome. Researching and viewing movies and images bring it all to life or as Walter Cronkite used to say in his TV show: YOU ARE THERE. The book is worth it just for the trip through the fair but remember the monkeys are there too.

I won’t say how the book ends and what happens over the next thirty years from 1939. Lucy is a genius and the focal point in time along with Geiger. The book can be summed up by Geiger’s philosophy in one German word Nachdanken: Think.

I Have Seen the Future

I Have Seen the Future (1939)

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