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Let’s Talk about Return to Dallas Chapter One by Robert P. Fitton

Spokane 1963

Patch Kincaid is in 1963. He does not know why he has arrived in Spokane, Washington. In fact, Patch Kincaid doesn’t even know who the hell he is. In the original version of Return to Dallas I detailed Patch’s activities prior to returning to 1963. I was quite pleased in showing how being back in time (The Kennedy Paradox) affected Patch as well as the actions and adventure surrounding the trip back to the year President Kennedy was killed. Yet I nixed over a hundred pages!

The Kennedy Paradox

Having no memory of Patch’s former life puts the reader solidly in Patch’s point of view. This adds to the suspense and the mystery of what’s going on in chapter one. But don’t fret. If you’re nosey enough the short book Transition contains the original manuscript that bridges the gap between The Kennedy Paradox and Return to Dallas.

Johnny Roselli

Patch has a mission typed on a folded note to find mobster Johnny Roselli in Los Angeles. When he meets Shari at the Fox Movie Theater he discovers a young woman in flux-a woman in need of adventure, which makes a neat Segway to her journey with Patch rather than to have be married with ten kids. Plus, as a part of her flux she has discarded a hazardous relationship. She is more than eager, though she hides it somewhat, to run away with Patch. She likes him.

Patch in the Kennedy Paradox saved Roselli’s life as well as several well-known mafia figures but Patch cannot remember any of it. Yet his only grasp in this time period is the note, author unknown, to meet Roselli. Which brings in an air of mystery and danger. And it must have something to do with the Kennedy Assassination. Why is Patch in this time period?

Speaking of the time period. It’s very easy to get carried away with accouterments of the era. It’s as if you kept pouring maple syrup, then butter and maybe frosted sugar to make your breakfast a bit sweet. Period songs, cars, and movies need to be tempered, existing in the background-like breathing.

This sprinkling of 1963 must be realistic for sure. Patch might be surprised by the change in time period but Shari is a part of it. For Shari and the reader being a part of that time should be normal. But Patch senses more especially when the Roselli note and picture hasn’t even happened yet.

I’m not sure that living as I did in 1963 contributed to the atmosphere of the time but I have to think it did. In 1963 I turned twelve and liked to play baseball.

Third from the left, leader in home runs- Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning.

Here’s Chapter One on Sound Cloud or the complete book on Audible.

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