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Missing: Anthony Stefani… last seen NYC… presumed dead.

Updated: Oct 1, 2023


Anthony went missing in NYC

COCOA STEFANI: “Hey, my name is Stefani. I’m lookin’ for my brother.”

CARMEN CATALINA: “Carmen Catalina-You like to take chances.”

COCOA STEFANI: ” No that’s not it, Carmen. I don’t wanna be here. My brother … I think he was workin’ deals in the city.

CARMEN CATALINA: “For shipments.”



COCOA STEFANI: “New Hampshire. Prince William. I think they were flyin’ stuff back. Lots of stuff.”

CARMEN CATALINA:Give me a name.”

COCOA STEFANI:“ I have no idea. And neither do the cops. Anthony was slick. That was his nickname.”

CARMEN CATALINA: “Slick and Cocoa.

COCOA STEFANI:”Yeah… Somehow he had a plane leave New Hampshire. Word on the streets somebody was flyin’ down here.”

Cocoa searches around Queens

CARMEN CATALINA: “There are hundreds of connections, amigo. You have two futures. Wastin’ ya time trying to track down what happened to your brother. The other outcome is: someone will kill you.”

COCOA STEFANI: “I understand. Thanks.”

CARMEN CATALINA: “Piensa en ti hermano. Piensa en cuando estaba contigo.”



COCOA STEFANI:“Dullio, I just left my contact in Queens.”

DULLIO STEFANI: “I told ya to wait until I get back.”

COCOA STEFANI: “I ain’t waitin’ no more, for you stallin’ Duillo.

DULLIO STEFANI: “Cocoa, you have to accept that we haven’t heard from Anthony for two months. Even Rita accepts it.”

COCOA STEFANI: I don’t accept nothin’ Dullio.

DULLIO STEFANI: “I have to do business in Oregon. Then I’ll fly back.”

COCOA STEFANI: “Great, then you can buy me a drink at Estévez‘s on 86th Street.”

DULLIO STEFANI: “Check in with me tomorrow.”

COCOA STEFANI: “Oh sure. You take care Dullio.”

Anthony’s Story (portion 1-2)

What would you do? What would you do if someone extremely close to you vanished? And what’s more what if that person or persons is presumed dead? I have a hunch that you’d search and search until you couldn’t search anymore. You’d put yourself at risk until you were worn down. But even then, you would have never given up. That’s the situation Cocoa initially encountered and years later he tried again. Only this time Matthias Jones gets involved. What transpires solidifies their relationship forever.

Let’s take a look at people who have mysteriously disappeared. Incredibly there are hundreds of people gone missing never to return.

Missing: Barbara Bolick

We’re in 2007 and in the mountains of Montana. . A woman named Barbara Bolick goes for a hike with a family friend Jim Bitterroot. The lady is in good shape and not the first time she’s hiked. They stop for a snack. So, she goes down the trail for one last look. Bye. Bye. Here we are decades later with no answers. She left her belongings behind and was afraid of heights…

Tax Day: April 15, 2005, Centre County, Pennsylvania: Ray Gricar homicide prosecutor. Told girlfriend he was taking the day off to travel to Lewisburg to shop and stroll. Bye. Bye. Car found next day. Laptop : Found: Six months later under a bridge. Hard drive gone. The damaged unusable drive was found months later. But Gricar never was found. Details here: Or in depth here.

June 27, 1995, at 4:10 a.m: Jodi Huisentruit, Iowa news anchor- disappeared from apartment complex parking lot. Signs of a struggle, belongings -two shoes, two earrings, and her car key outside of her car… Bye. Bye. Fate unknown but there are many clues. In Depth Video on YouTube : The Case of Jodi Huisentruit: Disturbing Details Revealed | True Crime Story & Missing Persons Case.

If you want to see a whole project dedicated to missing people with updates then click here. Or go to the Charley

With Anthony Stefani Cocoa never suggests his brother is alive. Although he may hope Anthony is alive Cocoa wants closure. For the first time Cocoa shows Jones a black and white framed photo of Cocoa and Anthony at Club Max, both remarkably similar in appearance.

Anthony’s Story is full of action down in New York City. And it is in this story that the real story concerning Bucky Driscoll is revealed. Uncle Dullio is on full display against the bad guys. And Jones, a coach from Hamilton College is dead center of the action.

At the same time there’s a strange murder in Hamilton, which involves Hamilton Fletcher. It is this murder and how Jones solves it, that leads him in the direction of Anthony Stefani. Bucky Driscoll manages to almost get Jones killed, but in the end, it is Jones and Uncle Dullio who follow the lead toward Anthony.


Jimmy Hoffa

So if we’re talking cold case I have to mention Hoffa. Not that I have even a theory about what happened to Jimmy Hoffa’s body. Those who performed his execution have saturated the press and cronies with garbage information designed to have everyone bouncing from state to state with excavation teams. What I will present is a very good assessment of what is know about Hoffa’s disappearance. It’s called Jimmy Hoffa: A closer look at the labor leader’s life, work and disappearance— on YouTube.

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