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Not Merely Peace in Our time but Peace for all Time.

JFK American University Speech June 10, 1963

Arriving in US Mail from St. Louis in the original dehaviland dh-4 biplane in ten bulky gunny sacks are the combined audio book renditions and supplemental background information as presented in podcast form by moi, me-Robert P. Fitton. Good evening one and all wherever in the galaxy you make your home.

I see that the Fitton on the air spinning wheel is already in place. This man standing here is very efficient. Sir, I would ask you to sign in but you’ve already done that too.”

Meinkewitz: “Ah, the Kennedy Paradox. Volume one of the Patch Kincaid Series.

“With the Kennedy Paradox we are talking about peace, the peace that was proposed in June of 1963 and the peace that was subsequently enveloped in the explosive assassination in Dallas, Texas in November of that year. The peace that was squandered in Vietnam.”

“And you sir are Dr. Raymond Meinkewitz.”

Meinkewitz: “I am, and I have an upper-level waver to tell you one thing: I primarily work for the Central Intelligence Agency.”

“What brings you here today, Ray?”

Meinkewitz: “You might say I just sort of landed here in a process called retrograde. You see I’m involved highly in classified work.”

“Can you talk about anything that you do?”

Meinkewitz: “I can now. You see my work went off the rails as they say. I won’t reveal too much about it. You can understand more of the contemporary world just after the mid-twentieth century by studying what happened in these four volumes. The Kennedy Paradox is the first volume.”

“Why Paradox?”

Meinkewitz: “A paradox is contradictory. It shouldn’t be. When an event is taken head on there are always incidents and impediments that prevent the change. But I‘ve come to believe that when approached obliquely the timeline can be transformed. When a timeline is changed— it shouldn’t happen, but it does. You’ll see what I’m talking about within these four volumes.’’

“Are you referring to the assassination of President Kennedy?”

Meinkewitz: “Yes. Kennedy was alive in the 1980’s in the original timeline but history came undone. Volume one is the beginning of the change. Retrograde is commencing… Remember Time travel is a risky venture.”

“Thank you Dr. Meinkewitz.”

Meinkewitz: “My pleasure.”

An older JFK

JFK alive in 1986 From Chapter One The Kennedy Paradox The Patch Kincaid Series

What were the forces aligning the timeline? And what changed? In our first timeline, as Patch Kincaid drives out west to Hastings Mountain, President Kennedy is on the radio in 1986. Say what? That’s an interesting scenario. Kennedy speaks about how he removed the troops from Vietnam.

1986 NYC

But Patch and his fiancé are summoned back to Hastings Mountain where classified time travel experiments have been taking place under the supervision of Ray Meinkewitz. Meinkewitz learns terrorists have planted potential nuclear devices in American cities. He will have to send Patch back a month or more in time to prevent what will be the decimation of the United States. And New York City is the first city to fall.

With the terrorist Carlos Sánchez attacking the underpinnings of the Hastings Mountain facility, Patch is thrust back to 1961. And here is the hotbed of international trouble in the Caribbean which would lead to the Cuban Missile Crisis in October of 1962. Vietnam is a nascent conflict. Patch locates the Meinkewitz of 1961 and is swept into the tornado of intel, mafioso, and anti-Castro operatives,

The young and vital President

When I was in school, even in the middle grades, I was aware of Castro. My perception as was most of America about JFK, came from what the press dished out-photos of the young and vigorous president and his family. The cast of characters opposing Castro, repatriated in the United States, was extraordinary. These men were armed and dangerous and would stop at nothing to remove Castro. That includes many in government at the time. This is what Patch and Meinkewitz experience in Florida and in Cuba in the Kennedy Paradox.

I did not recognize the anti-Castro emotional response to Castro and how the Central Intelligence Agency’s predominance in Cuban and foreign policy operated as they say covertly. Later I discovered this secondary government, whose power expanded rapidly. Here are some of the anti-Castro players:

Members of Operation 40 January 1963

And what was Operation 40?

Exhile Training Camp

I didn’t understand what was going on in the Carribean. Cut me some slack I was just a kid.

The author in 1963

I had a profound outrage and disbelief as an adult to learn the deep background of the USA in the early sixties. For researchers and aficionados of the Kennedy Assassination the people that were in CIA, the anti-Castro crowd, and the mafia back then are icons.

There is a confluence of power with the government and the intelligence agencies and the Pentagon producing a whirlwind with President Kennedy in the middle. Remember too that Kennedy is changing the entire foreign policy of the United States to democratic governments and away from special colonial interests.

The Kennedy Paradox is important- as those who loathed JFK are on full display. Because Patch is back in this mess his actions result in certain people not dying as they should have died on the original timeline. That allowed other events to happen. Events sinister and life changing.

We are now just 2 ½ years from Dallas. Patch and Meinkewitz are in the thick of the Bay of Pigs invasion and captured by Castro. It’s poignant to hear, especially in the audio version of The Kennedy Paradox, Castro’s unhinged rhetoric leading toward the most dangerous crisis in world history. Here’s old photos from the Bay of Pigs Invasion:

May 2, 1961

Castro May Day Speech Patch Kincaid-Ray Meinkewitz English Translation From Ch-39 The Kennedy Paradox

Patch and Meinkewitz’s being in the Bay of Pigs Invasion is useful in undertsanding the calamity of the CIA controlled event. The agency lied and then twisted Kennedy’s initial orders not to use air cover. Dulles, Bissel, Cabell and others obviously thought they could intimidate President Kennedy. It led to Kennedy taking the CIA out of operations, thus stirring up the snake pit.

Again, I never knew all this was going on when I was a kid. What it does is make it easy to nail Oswald for the crime because all the covert stuff was hidden.

The next book in the series, Return to Dallas illustrates more of the underbelly of the crime in narrative form. Return to Dallas is footnoted because of the many viewpoints on what happened to President Kennedy. Patch and Shari, purely using the device of ‘being there’ can see or hear about the conspiracy and later events. Perhaps, for the people tranparency to contempary events is the best weapon against tyranny.


Preisdent John F .Kennedy Speech American University June 10, 1963

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