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Oswald no fue a la Ciudad de México

Chapters 37-38-39

Fair is foul and Foul is Fair- McBeth

On November 22, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald became a celebrity. A man of notoriety, infamous in his fame. One of the elements of this fame was the report of Lee Harvey Oswald traveling as an unknown private citizen and former defector to the Soviet Union to Mexico City just a scant sixty days before the death of John F. Kennedy in Dalles Texas. Out of the theatrics of Mexico City were spawned the loner communist who created a scene at the Cuban Consulate, the belligerent bastard who arranged an appointment with Valerie Kostikov who controlled Department 13- the Soviet assassination division. So, what really happened in Mexico City in September 1963?

A few questions:

Why did Lee Oswald stuff his possessions in Ruth Paine’s station wagon FOB Dalles?

Ruth Paine and Marina Oswald

Leaving New Orleans on cue

Why did Mrs. Paine become such a close friend with an unknown Russian woman, drive to New Orleans and haul this woman Marina Prusakova Oswald and her daughter to Dalles? (where she lived in Paine’s home until late November 1963.)

Why were Lee and Marina separated with Oswald staying only occasionally at Paine’s house?These are not casual questions because they have discreet answers with massive implications. To find these answers it is necessary to do a little detail work

Who is this woman?

Patch and Shari discuss how Pilatus after discharging a firearm in the Texas State Bank must be in federal custody. A nervous Shari questions whether Patch should capitulate to Pilatus’s demand and travel to Mexico City. He is afraid they will kill him if he doesn’t cooperate. Before he leaves, he and Shari return to 4907 Magazine Street in New Orleans, Oswald’s apartment.

Strangely Ruth Paine after a whirlwind trip around the eastern United States swings into town (New Orleans) in her 1955 station wagon. She is about to transport Marina and her daughter to her house in Irving outside Dalles. Again, a simple question: Why? The answer is that she is under orders to separate Marina and her intelligence op husband Lee once they are both in Dallas Texas-part of the President’s itinerary on a Texas trip in sixty days.

Ruth and Michael Paine

What we didn’t know in 1963:

Michael’s mother: Ruth Forbes aligned with the Universal World Federalists post World War II. The CIA’s Cord Meyer was in charge.

Michael’s birth father: George Lyman Paine: associated with Trotskyist socialist faction.

Mary Bancroft

Ruth Forbes and Lyman Paine– Close friends to Mary Bancroft, a well-connected spy and World war II lover of Allen Dulles, fired CIA chief.

Aallen Dulles

Cord Meyer

Cord Meyer and Allen Dulles were aware of Ruth and Michael Paine.

Dulles knew Michael Paine as a youth.

Sylvia Hyde Hoke

-Hoke was Naval Intelligence .

-a CIA employee in 1961.

-Air Force secret clearance.

Ruth’s father : William Avery Hyde

-The Agency for International Development (AID)

-Ohio governor and AID director John Gilligan- CIA agents “from top to bottom.

-CIA considered using William Hyde for covert use in 1957.

– a strong anti-communist.

-Ruth Paine helped Oswald get the Texas Book Depository job, thanks to a tip from neighbor Buell Wesley Frazier’s sister Linnie Mae Randle.

Here is something even more intriguing:

Less than 90 days before the assassination Ruth Paine’s vacation began in Massachusetts. She visited Michael Paine’s mother at the Forbes family home on Naushon Island off Woods Hole, Massachusetts. She traveled to Philadelphia and Washington to meet with her sister and hear Dr. King give his historic I have a Dream speech. To Indiana where civil rights workers had been killed. And she drove to her mother’s house in Columbus Ohio. To her college Antioch in Ohio. Naturally Marina Oswald was next on the agenda in New Orleans. Gives new meaning to the name-‘Fast Friends’

NOTE: The Secret Service told Marina because of Paine’s CIA connections not to hang out with her.

Patch and Shari heard and record the whole conversation as Marina and Ruth Paine leave in the station wagon. Oswald leaves New Orleans but there is no record of where and how he left. Patch will travel to Mexico City, all the while searching for Oswald. Once in Mexico City. He will look for Oswald as per Pilatus’s directive at the Cuban Consulate and the Russian embassies. But he must stay in the shadows. They find out that the Dr. Alexander Moon of 1967 know where they are staying.A greasy haired man closes Lee Oswald’s PO box. He and a group of Cubans cash Oswald’s check at the Winn Dixie

Laredo, Texas

The International Bridge

Who signed into the Hotol del Comercio?

A wiry blond-haired guy talked with a couple from England, He blurts out that he may go to Cuba and that he’s the secretary of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. He also speaks with an elderly British man Albert Osbourne. Then he continues as he speaks with two Australian women and says he’s from Fort Worth Texas. He brags about going to Japan while in the marines. He talks about being in Russia studying. Someone has gone to the trouble of impersonating Oswald.

Who is this guy?

Who is this guy? The CIA said this was Lee Harvey Oswald. Does this man look like Lee Oswald? As chapters 36-39 proceed there are no photos of the real Oswald. Wouldn’t the CIA desperately want to cast away any doubt that Oswald was in Mexico City? Lets rewind the clock around a week before the performance in Mexico City.

Show me a real photo of the real Oswald in Mexico City… I dare ya!

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