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Pilatus and the Massive Information Dump

Chapters 34-35-36

Utilizing a Wendy’s hamburger ad of the period Vice President Walter Mondale during a Presidential debate asked Senator Gary Hart: ‘Where’s the beef?

“Where’s the Beef?”

.Chapters 34-35-36 bring a plethora of beef and JFK assassination abnormalities. There are hundreds of conspiracies in the Kennedy assassination but believe me when I tell you: There are no coincidences. Chapter thirty-six should be ready more than once and the names sourced are all persons of interest.

Tommy Beckham

Specifically in Chapter thirty-six there is an interconnecting group of people on the edge  and sometimes within the assassination plot. Questions abound. Why is Tommy Beckham, gopher for the Marcello organization traveling with the storm drain plans to Dealey Plaza-exactly where Kennedy will be gunned down?

Visitors to the Marquette Building 17th floor.

Wray Gill

Carlos Marcello

David Ferrie

Jim Brayden

In Marcello’s personal attorney Wray Gill’s office Patch encounters Dave Ferrie again along with a Mafia associate Jim Brayden. In the fall of 1963 Jack Ruby calls New Orleans many times before the assassination. Oswald leaving New Orleans for Dalles at the end of the month seems to be part of a plan. The timing is no coincidence.

September 17th Oswald and another man enter the Mexican Consulate. The other man John C. Gaudete is sponsored by the intelligence community. That’s right, the intelligence community. Everyone in the exile community is talking about Castro Assassination plans but what if those plans are turned back on the United States government. Please keep that in mind. U.S. government assassins turned against the President of the United States.

Pilatus unloads information and bails out.

The El Paso Travel Lodge

Welcome to the West Texas town of El Paso. The real Nagell stayed at the Travel Lodge in El Paso, the setting for Pilatus to carpet bomb Patch with both ancillary and direct information concerning the plot against the president and the background of dozens of people. The real Nagell went about his business in El Paso and was subsequently arrested.

Here is a laundry list of the Pilatus information dump. This is ninety days away from Kennedy’s death in Dealey Plaza.

Info Dump and Oswald’s Nebulous Past:

The 1959 Chevy from North Carolina is from Naval Intelligence because Oswald has been with Naval Intelligence for a while and one of his calls after being arrest is a roundabout phone call from Dallas Police Headquarters to the loop that includes Naval Intelligence.

The station wagon and the men were factiously sent by Lieutenant Colonel Grover King of the 902nd Military Group of Army Intelligence. Although his is fiction it reminds everyone of the presence of Army Intelligence in the events leading up to Dallas and incidents in and around Dealey Plaza on the 22nd of November.

Pilatus tells Patch directly that he met with Oswald last year in Mexico City. Pilatus is playing both sides

He wants Patch to travel to Mexico City.

Pilatus has known Oswald since the fifties. Lee Oswald frequented the Queen Bee, an intelligence hangout in Atsugi, Japan according to Pilatus, when he and Oswald were in the service.

Patch is Pilatus’s insurance policy because of the information dump.

– They want to portray Oswald with psychological problems. This boy is messed up.

Lee HARVEY Oswald at the Bronx Zoo

Dr. Renatus Hartogs, who observed Oswald as a youth, was government all the way. He was at Montreal’s Allan Memorial Institute, where Dr. Ewen Cameron had his excesses. Cameron received funding from the Army Chemical Corps and the CIA to conduct drug experiments on unsuspecting patients involving LSD and mescaline.

What is Oswald Doing?

–-Oswald’s favorite program growing up was ‘I Led Three Lives,’ A spy program. growing up was ‘I Led Three Lives,’ A spy program.

–-Pilatus has a Uniformed Services Identification and Privileges Card in the name of Lee Harvey Oswald. (This information opens a Pandora’s intelliegnce box)

Uniformed Services Identification and Privileges Card for Lee Oswald

Tommy Beckham’s handler is Fred Crisman who was linked to intel. Pilatus has a Uniformed Services Identification and Privileges Card in the name of Lee Harvey Oswald. (This information opens a Pandora’s intelligence box) Oswald works for Naval Intelligence, ONI and Guy Banister was with ONI in World War II.

More intelligence operations-The Fair Play for Cuba Committee pamphlets and Oswald on the radio was a Dave Phillips project. Army Intelligence has operatives like Oswald all over the country to make the FPCC look bad. Then they will hand all the information to the House Un-American Activities Committee. The CIA knows all about the Oswald facade. And it was James McCord, later a Watergate burglar, who launched a counter-intelligence program against the Fair Play for Cuba Committee.

–James McCord launched a counter-intelligence program against the Fair Play for Cuba Committee.

Jame McCord CIA

William C. Sullivan, FBI Domestic Intelligence Division, and others have set up this operation against the FPCC. Hoover’s righthand man Cartha DeLoach supervises it all. The overall FBI disruption program is called COINTELPRO.

Sergio Arcacha Smith

Arcacha Smith and Q, along with Ferrie, have convinced Oswald to get sucked into this playing both sides. The radio guy Butler is an intel asset, too. Oswald reported everything to the FBI agents in New Orleans. He meets Agent de Brueys at the Customs House off Canal Street. Oswald is playing too many games with too many people.

SAC de Brueys

Pilatus and Oswald:

Pilatus was supposed to get five hundred dollars to Oswald but it will be mailed to his contact in Mexico City. Oswald just wrote to the Socialist Party of America, saying he and his family are moving to Washington in October. SAC de Brueys said how passive Oswald was when he was arrested in New Orleans. Oswald setup the whole incident.

Most importantly Pilatus claims to have a tape recording of a conversation between Lee Oswald and himself as well as a photograph of Oswald with him in Jackson Square in New Orleans. CIA agent Gary Aberdine is bringing it all together. And Oswald is still informing to the FBI on them. The FBI knows everything.

Howard Hunt

And Howard Hunt, another Watergate burgler, controls the CRC.

The Paines are not an average couple.

Ruth and Micheal Paine

Oswald and his wife Marina have more handlers-Ruth and Michael Paine Mrs. Paine’s husband’s stepfather invented the Bell Helicopter. He controls a big Texas industrial and military supplier. Ruth Paine’s father is a collateral intelligence contact. He worked for the OSS on World War II. Ruth Paine’s sister is a psychologist for the CIA and her husband an asset. Mrs. Paine is supposedly a Quaker. Her family is tied into the Forbes family with a circle of friends that includes Allen Dulles. Mrs. Paine’s garage in Irving has filing cabinets full of letters, maps, records, and index cards on pro Castro sympathizers.

The exiles want Castro dead. Kennedy has sent out peace feelers to Castro and the military and intelligence agencies are furious. Eladio del Valle acquired transceivers and rifles. He’s done business with Trafficante ever since he was in Cuba. Someone is calling Mexico City from a New Orleans motel saying they are Oswald. Pilatus explicitly tried to warn Oswald he was being used by forces he could not begin to understand. But he just seemed unconcerned.

Ferrie calling Chicago. Wanted to talk to a Jean Warren. Chicago WH4-4970. She is friends with Lincoln Miot who knows Jack Ruby.

Oswald is Government:

There were many more indications that Oswald was government. Oswald worked at the company in Dallas who did the map overlays for the U2 flights over Cuba. The owner of the Reilly Coffee Company in New Orleans where Oswald worked for is a CIA asset. That man, Riley, funds Arcacha Smith and the exiles! The vice president of Reilly Coffee is a former FBI agent. And Howard Hunt controls the whole CRC!

The CIA sent Oswald to Russia along with a dozen other guys. Oswald defected and had secrets about the U2 and threatened to give them to the KGB. Oswald held in Minsk for weeks and then six months later the U2 is shot down. A tourist card has been issued for Lee Oswald in New Orleans.”

Oswald went into the Mexican Consulate and get the tourist card. The man in front of Oswald, Gaudet, is a CIA operative. Last June, Oswald was given an instant passport when his background demanded legally that he never get a passport.

Lee Oswald in Russia

Oswald almost blew it on the radio with Stuckey. He said while in Russia, he was under the protection of the American government and then quickly changed it to he was not under the protection.-Oswald just waltzed back into the country with a Russian wife. And they illegally give him a passport.

Vice president’s Johnson’s man, Baker, is about to blow the whistle on LBJ.

-CIA Deputy Director for Plans. Bissell’s idea was to use the mob to kill Castro.”

Richard Bissell

Pilatus Pressures Patch to go the Mexico City:

Pilatus tells Patch a form FM8 has been issued at the Mexican Consulate in New Orleans under his name. They notes they must have thought he was a smart guy to surveil Oswald. He thinks Patch is you’re working with Escalante and Castro. I don’t care. Pilatus is dumping his information to you and bowing out.”

Pilatus wants Patch, on Thursday September 26th to meet Continental Trailways bus 5133 coming from Houston and leave Laredo for Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. If Oswald is not on that bus, then someone is doing the double shuffle. May involve Army Intelligence. Patch to get a detailed check on the people on the bus and the manifests in Mexico from Nuevo Laredo to Monterey. See if this individual is really on the bus. You know exactly what he looks like.”

Someone at a very high level has set something in motion here. Inserted in to LIENVOY. It’s a communications intelligence game. And everybody in Mexico City will try and ferret out the mole responsible. -Before Patch leaves Laredo for Mexico City he will send in a sealed envelope a yes or no, whether Oswald is on the Mexico bus. Send to 3751 6th Street, Los Angeles, California. (Nagell’s mother’s address) -Find out if he gets to Mexico City, find out if Oswald arrived there by some other means. Car, plane, train, et cetera. Get proof when the time comes that he was or was not in Mexico City.”

Annne Goodpasture

In Mexico City is the important operative Anne Goodpasture. A.K.A. R.B. Riggs. She’s circumventing Win Scott, the station chief in Mexico City. Because she works for Staff D part of ZR/RIFLE, the assassination division.

Patch must check the Russian and Cuban embassies. Check the bus line. Even the manifest if he can see it. Pilatus says he will bet his next year’s salary that Oswald will never show up in Mexico.

Pilatus gives AMSHALE1’s army intelligence number, from the 902nd military group. Code Number DUP748.”

Pilatus says Patch has no idea what’s happening. The entire infrastructure has been long in place. It’s just a matter of managing it. Hoover will get it. Richard Helms and Phillips will know soon enough. And Hunt sure will make up something. Allen Dulles is gone, but he probably knows. They all know about Oswald’s dubious identity from way back. Even Bobby Kennedy knows about Oswald.”

A footlocker that will give Patch background on Oswald-Information that will put in perspective this whole operation. The tapes and photo from Jackson Square is there also. And documents and recordings from high up.

NOTE- (This fictitious footlocker is another device to bring forth information in the book)

Patch will later go to the Dobbs House Family Restaurant for the key. He will go to the restaurant in north Oak Cliff at 1221 North Beckley order pancakes and ask for Cindy. Patch will tell her: Joseph Kramer sent me. She’ll get him the footlocker number, key and address.

Pilatus’s Intel operatives want a record of Oswald or a fake Oswald trying to get to Russia via Cuba via Mexico City. Pilatus’s operatives need to get the whole picture about what’s going on. It’s very important.

Pilatus to eject himself from the operation:

Tells Patch to be at a discreet distance from the Texas State Bank late that afternoon, and ‘you’ll see what it’s all about.’ Even though it’s going to be hot as hell here today Patch and Shari should just pretend they are shopping.

Pilatus’s orders from the Soviets are to kill the illustrious double-triple agent Oswald with his .45. He won’t follow those orders. He’s dropping out. He hopes Patch doesn’t get killed. As for Pilatus he’d rather be arrested than commit murder and treason. Pilatus glances in a variety of directions before he returns to his two toned Fairlane.

JFK at the UN Overturns the military and the Pentagon

President Kennedy September 20, 1963

And, for the first time in 17 years of effort, a specific step has been taken to limit the nuclear arms race. I refer, of course, to the treaty to ban nuclear tests in the atmosphere, outer space, and under water—concluded by the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States—and already signed by nearly 100 countries. It has been hailed by people the world over who are thankful to be free from the fears of nuclear fallout, and I am confident that on next Tuesday at 10:30 o’clock in the morning, it will receive the overwhelming endorsement of the Senate of the United States.”

Pilatus takes himself out of action

Pilatus enters the Texas State Bank and soon fires a shot. He walks outside to his Fairlane in the alley. A cop appears and raises his gun as he rushes the Fairlane. Pilatus lifts up his hands and spoke clearly, “I guess you got me. I surrender. He’s gotten himself arrested,” said Patch. “And we don’t need to be in the middle of this.”

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