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Pilatus is a double-triple agent and talking with the Russians.

What happens to Patch and Shari as the weeks pass is a classic case of spies, organized crime  or any powerful entity “putting on the squeeze.’ That’s what happens when you get in so deep either by money, or perhaps knowledge of things you shouldn’t know. The old acronym MYOB is on full display. Patch knows he can’t just mind his own business and inform Roselli that he quits. If Patch did bow out—within twenty-four hours Mr. Patch Kincaid and his girlfriend would be a footnote to a footnote of the Kennedy Assassination.

‘Pilatus’ Richard Case Nagell

And speaking of getting in deeper. In Jackson Square the anti-Castro Eladio del Valle is chit chatting with the CIA operative, Mafia associate David Ferrie. Both men know Patch personally. But lurking in the shadows is a man with many handlers, a man who, Patch will understand has extensive knowledge of the shenanigans in New Orleans, including the plot against Kennedy. The man with slick reddish-brown hair has a listening device tucked in his ear.

Lee Oswald

David W. Ferrie

At the Napoleon House Bar Dave Ferrie is rubbing elbows with a bunch of young men, probably students. Seated next to him is Lee Oswald. For anyone even remotely knowledgeable of the Kennedy case Oswald’s presence in the bar or with Bannister or Bringuier is at odds with an already written story thrust upon the public on November 22, 1963.

Patch dreams of the future

Patch’s memory wanders through his dreams. He is at a table in Dealey Plaza with the red brick School Book Depository hovering. But he tells Shari that he doesn’t know anything about the location or why he was there.

President Kennedy meeting at the White House with Ambassador to Vietnam Henry Cabot Lodge

Of importance is President Kennedy meeting at the White House with Ambassador to Vietnam Henry Cabot Lodge, Richard Nixon’s vice-presidential running mate in 1960. Lodge will be prominent when the CIA involves itself with the South Vietnamese generals to assassinate President Diem in November, just weeks before Dallas. The evil web spun by unseen forces will maintain power as the United States is forced into Vietnam under false pretenses.

But Pilatus has not left the area. In fact, he warns Lemon and Lime in a letter to walk away from what they’re doing with people who only care about what they want to accomplish.

The International Trade Mart New Orleans Louisiana

Back at the PO Box a typed note is inserted with the cash. Oswald will be handing out his pamphlets again on August 16th  at the International Trade center. One of the men in the background was with Carlos Bringuier a week ago. Also on the sidewalk at Oswald’s operation is the white-haired Clay Shaw.

Clay Shaw approaching on sidewalk near Oswald

Patch learns that Clay Shaw is a ‘paid CIA contract source,’ associated with the Trade Mart. And in this correspondence are the names of the FBI men Oswald met with after his arrest for the street fight. FBI agent De Brueys and Oswald have met on many occasions at the Habana Bar.  Also Oswald frequents the Customs House Building, specifically with de Brueys, David Smith and Wendell Roache of the Immigration Service. They all know each other.    

Lee Oswald

After the street fight arrest, Oswald went on a New Orleans radio station and debated Bringuier and exiles as a Marxist. It is deemed urgent that they listen to Oswald on WDSU AM after 6:00 p.m., August 17. An FBI informant Orville Aucoin is also filming Oswald. And the FBI will photograph this incident. They are warned to stay clear of Aucoin and the FBI.

The deep spy operations and the false narratives are not what is told to the American people by the media on November 22, 1963. Instead, there was a prewritten story of a defector to communism who was at it again in New Orleans and later shot the president of the United States dead in Dallas.

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