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Return to Dallas: A Quick Synopsis

Return to Dallas

In the photo above we see President Kennedy next to his wife Jackie on Elms Street, Dallas Texas just microseconds before he was shot.

The Vietnam War

John F. Kennedy Grave

The Kennedy Assassination is a transcendental event in American history. With Kennedy gone in 1963, power was consolidated and we went to war in Vietnam.

Return to Dallas is a unique novel. Patch Kincaid follows the long road to Dallas and witnesses the final moments of President Kennedy’s life in detail.

Why oh why would I place 873 sourced footnotes into a narrative? Because Ladies and Gentlemen stories of the Kennedy Assassination are filled with falsehoods, wild accusations, disinformation, and theories engineered by those with special interests.

However, using sixty years of research I think I can present a picture of what was happening around President Kennedy and those who plotted against him. The people who orchestrated this huge operation to set up Oswald, assassinate JFK, and cover it up were experts in overturning governments.

You’re not going to find Fitton’s theory of this or Fitton’s theory of that. What you will see through the eyes of Patch Kincaid is my best judgement utilizing the persistent research of the past sixty years.

Don’t run away because I use science fiction to slow things down and move things about to get a clearer view of what happened. I remember how Rod Serling used to metaphorically use science fiction to illustrate controversial subjects as to not rattle the sponsors of the Twilight Zone. I have no sponsors but that technique sharpens the lens, especially in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963

The coverup is still going on despite the abundance of documents and dead bodies. But the researchers are competent, persistent, and tenacious. And finding the truth won’t leave a stain on America. Indeed, it will cleanse America.

Return to Dallas is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle, and audio can be found at

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