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Richard Cain and the escape to Tampa

Richard Cain

John Roselli

Frank Ragano

One fact is clear when Patch and Shari walk into the Chicago restaurant: Richard Cain does not like Patch. Throough his mother Cain had become welded to the Giancana orgainization is Chicago. He is an ultra serious man who does not have time for frivious conversation or double crossers. It is only because of Johnny Roselli’s word, trickled down to Cain that he agrees to see Patch and Shari at all. Even mob attorney Frank Rigano voiuches for Patch, but Cain just does not take kinbdly to Patch. He leaves the table to call Roselli directly.

Dining is a very serious business

Patch is asking about Thomas Arthur Valle. And Cain erupts and wants to know if Patch know the secret Service agent Abraham Bolden. Patch realizes they have made a huge mistake in coming to the restaurant. Cain goes wild when Patch asks about Lee Oswald. He orders Patch to be brought ‘upstairs‘ by a guy name Switch. More mob goons show up and Patch is smacked around. They want to know if Patch knows about an operation in Mexico City. Cain did electronic worsk in Mexico City years back. Somebody has given Cain information and he does not seem to concern that Patch has been beat up.

1962 Ford Falcon License plate 311 ORF

A 1962 Ford Falcon driven by Valle, License plate 311 ORF is registered in New York to Lee Oswald. Cain tells them that Oswald was in Chicago last April with the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. Significantly Patch learns that Valle is being funded by Tony Varona and his Anti-Castro Cuban buddies.

Cain just leaves. No apology. No explanation. Nothing. The manager of the restaurant latter appears with airline tickets to Tampa. As they leave, Patch doesn’t know it, but they have just avoided being arrested by the FBI.

R.D. Mathews (RD Moynihan)

Santuary in Tampa

R.D. Mathews lived until age 92 and oddly died as I finished writing the Moynihan portion of Patch’s journey. Mathews was large framed mob tough guy in real life who was mourned by his family when he died. Moynihan provides a venue to protect Patch from the intelligence agencies and the contradiction of the respected tough guy liking Patch is similair to Brayden’s thoughts aboout Patch. Word has seeped into the common’ chit chat’ of Patch saving the lives of the mob bosees in 1961. ( The Kennedy Paradox.)

John Martino

John Martino was an electronics expert fot Santo Trafficante. He spent time in jail with Mr. Trafficante after the Castro revolution. Martino in Return to Dallas relays critical information about Bill Harvey and the Kennedys. We hear how Bobby Kennedy humiliated Sam Giancna in front a Congressional committee. Martino’s character also sings the priases of Johnny Roselli. He tells Patch to lay low. And he clearly show how he loaths JFK. Martino says as he did in real life: ‘He’s going to be hit.Cash is changing hands.

The legenday Bill Harvey

Shari says that Roselli is ‘the hub of the wheel.

Bobby Kennedy tries to rattle Sam Giancana.

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