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<strong>American Injustice</strong>

Jim Garrison

Patch Kincaid Series

Book Three

Patch Kincaid finds himself in late 1966 and he contacts his friend Johnny Roselli in California to help find Ray Meinkewitz. In doing so Patch becomes part of an ultra-stealth group of individuals called the Milky Way Network. Led by a high-level American politician the network’s goal is to aid Jim Garrison’s investigation in New Orleans.

Within this network is Ray Meinkewitz, Commander of Hughes Air Force Base Phineas Beauregard, and the attractive Lieutenant Natalie Tompkins. Detailed documents and actions of the powers to be are unveiled as attempts are made to forward the new knowledge to Jim Garrison. Being in the Milky Way Network is not without risk as an operative from the Kennedy Assassination takes Patch head on.

Patch, torn by not being able to return to his family at Apex Junction, rebuffs the advances of Natalie Tompkins. When she leaves the safe house Patch remains confused but realizes he did like Natalie.

Jim Garrison

Walter Sheridan

The government, using their minions in the press both written and on the TV networks begin a full-fledged attack on Garrison. As witnesses are eliminated one by one Garrison is characterized as a buffoon by NBC news, a Kennedy insider Walter Sheridan and Newsweek and The Saturday Evening post provide hit pieces written by Hugh Aynesworth and James Phelan. Witnesses are intimidated and bribed while Garrison is mocked. An entire task force is set up inside the CIA to thwart Garrison’s attempts at justice.

At the end of 1967 there are hints that Robert F. Kennedy might have some political capital to run for president-but not unless LBJ is out of the race. And the numerous speeches of Martin Luther King are highlighted as Dr. King merges the peace movement with the civil rights struggle. And Patch Kincaid faces the dark clouded future of 1968.


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