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The Chairman of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee young Lee Oswald… 

Magazine Street

4907 Magazine Street  New Orleans, Louisiana    1963

Being privy to someone else’s business may yield more information than anticipated. Patch and Shari are snooping as per instructions in a Pilatus note. They can see and hear Oswald playing his role as a Marxist, tying to sign up members for the Fair Play for Cuba Committee which will be turned over to all his government contacts.


Pilatus appearing while Patch and Shari are surveilling Oswald and Marina’s apartment surprises them both. The real Richard Case Nagell was more of a stealth operator and would hardly be concerned about  two nobodies watching Oswald. The character Pilatus is in Return to Dallas in order to stir the mystery pot and to provide information. The real Nagell, as detailed in Dick Russell’s The Man who knew too Much, did certain things which will be highlighted in subsequent chapters.

Pilatus calls one of the two men calling on Oswald at Magazine Street  Q and tells Patch and Shari that Oswald is anti-Castro all the way. Pilatus has a background dossier on Shari but tells Patch his file is classified. Q is Chi Chi Quintero. The CIA’s Carl Jenkins worked within AMWORLD, a CIA program to overthrow Fidel Castro. In the summer of 1963 when Quintero was at Oswald’s apartment, Jenkins and David Morales provided paramilitary training for Quintero and other members of the Movement for the Recovery of the Revolution (MRR).

Pilatus has known Oswald since their time in the service in Japan. Oswald worked or was Oswald worked or was associated with the FBI, Naval Intelligence, the KGB, the CIA, organized crime and the DRE. He says that Castro’s intel tells him the CIA is finding the anti-Castro effort. Then he stuns Patch by telling him: Leave and disappear forever. Oswald is being handled for propaganda purposes.

Bagaell Richard C.

Pilatus reveals that CIA is funding the anti-Castro activities of the DRE. The work of Jefferson Morley brought this to light. The outrageous deception was and is the trademark of what Allen Dulles’s book title implied: The Craft of Intelligence, (with a little help from spy novel writer, CIA loyalist and spy himself: Howard Hunt. All of the duplicity in the name of killing Castro. Pilatus adds David Atlee Phillips to the mix with the anti-Castro propaganda. It’s important to note that Phillips, Hunt and Dulles were experts at spy craft and propaganda. Pilatus calls Phillips a bully and Patch an amateur. The Nag’s Head car if the dots are connected leads right to Naval Intelligence and the false defector program that Lee Oswald was a part of when he defected to Russia.

Palatus vanishesinto the night

Patch and Shari listen to Lee Oswald on the radio. Ever ask yourself how some drifter loser is getting all this publicity? Seriously. This is what the Warren Commission sold the American public when the 26 volumes were released in September of 1964, some ten months after the president’s murder. In many aspects they didn’t have to spin anything. It was already done for them by the craft of Intelligence. Oswald is remarkably articulate, sounding as if he were an employee of the state department when the elaborates on Ghana and the African continent. When you go back and listen now it’s like seeing reruns over and over on an old TV show. You realize that your initial impression may have deeper roots.Pilatus says to keep what he’s telling Patch to himself. Patch I aren’t exactly making the round on the social calendar. The then double-triple spy vanishes into the night. Patch  and Shari walk ‘lovey-dovey’ on the other side of Magazine Street to deflect any suspiciousness on the part of Mr. Oswald. Patch confesses that ‘Oswald really doesn’t know who he’s working for.’ And he believes Oswald is being used for propaganda.

Jackson Square

Patch pays a kid named  Newton to retrieve the PO Box material. Oswald will be distributing Fair Play for Cuba leaflets at the International Trade Mart run by CIA paid contract source and member of Permindex Clay Shaw, Shaw will later be indicted  y New Orleans District attorney, Jim Garrison. Think about that. And Shaw is in a movie shot on the scene walking down the trade mart sidewalk toward Lee Oswald. Really?  Yup, really.

Ian Fleming

Patch and Shari have been instructed to bring the surveillance equipment to a party at 601 Royal Street in the French Quarter on August  Patch Listens to Lee Oswald pontificate about killing Castro. Two Observations: The loner loser reprobate gets invited to a party, and attends! The loner loser reprobate has just spent a month promoting Castro. Shari’s hero James Bond has an appropriate expression. “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.” Oswald’s game is enemy action.

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