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The Duplicitous Mr. Oswald and the Bringuier Fight

The Twilight Zone: A Stop at Willoughby Push, push, push-Sell, sell, sell

Outside sales representatives want customers to trust them and they want to trust customers. The last thing a customer wants is a lying rep, distorting products, pricing, or shipping. Nor does a rep want a customers to lie about their buying habits, what they pay for goods or distorting their needs in order to gain leverage.

Carlos Bringuier

Carlos Bringuier  was a leader in the anti Castro exile community. Bringuier was the New Orleans delegate of the Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE), financed and formed by CIA. Patch and Shari have set up their first Oswald surveillance across from the Bringuier clothing store, Casa Roca in New Orleans. It’s August 2, 1963, just a little more than ninety days until Kennedy is killed in Dallas. Without even delving into the unclassified documents showing CIA involvement with the DRE, it is only necessary to follow Oswald’s action on the streets of New Orleans to understand the CIA’s motives. This particular surveillance is like a closed jar of gold dust floating in the water rearing a cover labeled ‘CLUES.’

The House Select Committee on Assassinations

The dialogue of this chapter is taken from HSCA testimony. The words are not conspiracy theory. They are the words of Lee Oswald, working with Guy Bannister out of 544 Camp Street while a short time later handing out pro-Castro Communist pamphlets. This operation, unknown to Patch and Shari is an operation to discredit the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. Handing out communist literature paves the way for Oswald being branded a communist the afternoon of the president’s murder.

Lee Oswald working both sides

Again, on August 9th, 1963, Oswald is at it again. Even through his words over a  half a century ago there is the impression that he was a communist and maybe others worked with him. The plain fact is Oswald was set up. He was a prime candidate to be framed because of the double dealing work he did in the summer of 1963 and because of his being a part of the false defector program to the Soviet Union. And Oswald initiated a fight (as he was told to do.) Surprise! Intel performs these operations at home and abroad all the time.

Imagine being back in time like Patch Kincaid. He has Shari take photos as he records Lee Harvey Oswald on the 3 ½ inch tape recorder. When Oswald was in the Casa Roca store just days before he proclaims that Communism holds no future and he proclaims as an Ex- Marine he can train exiles in guerrilla warfare and sabotage. But the DRE doesn’t want military action. Oswald offers to blow up the Huey P. Long Bridge. Or he could derail a train. We can thank Jim Garrison’s investigation as well as the HSCA committee testimony for much of the initial New Orleans-Oswald knowledge. The narrative form of Oswald’s duplicity with all the tensions and mystery of a novel leaves the stark impression that something just isn’t right.

The Oswald Bringuier  Fight

After the ‘fight’ and Oswald’s subsequent arrest Oswald, the loner, the malcontent, and drifter calls the FBI and is sprung from jail. It’s important to remember that the communist handout and advertisement for a free lecture is attributed to AJ Hidell who at 544 Camp Street is at the same address as commie hating Guy Banister.

Guy Bannister’s Office 544 Camp Street

Banister did tell somebody later Oswald was working for him. But in a larger sense Oswald was working for David Atlee Phillips, George Joannides, the Customs House, and the FBI with a little Naval intelligence on the side. That’s not what the Dallas police were quickly told nor was it what we were led to believe on November 22, 1963, within hours of the shooting. What a perfect set-up for a patsy.

The Puppeteers and the Patsy

David Atlee Phillips CIA

George Joanhides CIA

Lee Oswald accused of murder three months later.

Warren DeBreys FBI

Clay Shaw CIA

Dave Ferrie CIA

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