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The Slasher Welcomes Matthias Jones to Hamilton

“Did Matthias Jones think he’s fall right into a murder investigation when he moved to Hamilton?”

Cocoa Stefani: “How the hell do I know? Jonesy just like his old man has a nose for investigation. Bruno bring us over a couple of cold beers.”

“You own this place?”

Cocoa Stefani: Yeah. I’ve owned the club for five years. Club Max-Thanks Bruno.”

“This slasher was a series of brutal murders?”

Cocoa Stefani: “Sicko. Jonesy was taken’ his life into his hands by goin’ after the Slasher.”

Jones hang out here at Club Max?”

Cocoa Stefani: “ The club is Jonesy’s home away from home. Everybody likes Jonesy. Especially Bibi.”

“You’ve worked with Jones on murder cases?”

Cocoa Stefani: Let’s just say we’ve saved each other’s hide on more than one occasion.

“I’ve heard that Club Max has connections to certain people.”

Cocoa Stefani: “Yeah, so what. I’m associated with ‘friends’ in Boston.

“Your brother Anthony was close to you.”

Cocoa Stefani:” Anthony’s gone. I’d say now Jonesy kind-da fills that gap.

“And your father was the notorious Johnny Stefani.”

Cocoa Stefani: “Notorious. Yeah, I like that. My old man left when Anthony and me were teenagers. My mother, Rita and Uncle Dullio kept tabs on us. One thing about my old man. Anybody that crossed him lived or died to regret it.

“You have a nice place here Mr. Stefani. Thanks.”

Cocoa Stefani: “ Stop by here any time. The girls are very… friendly.”


A prescription for Death

The Slasher…. One word can make a title or a book. Jones walks into four unsolved serial murders in the Hamilton area. The same modus operandi- This blog/Podcast is not designed to be gruesome but there are exceptions.

Throat slashed and duct tape over the mouth. And the more recent the stench of gin. Even Mayor Picata in Prince William is under pressure to solve the crime. Jones becomes interested in the case when some of his players describe a murder in a high-end fashion shop in downtown Hamilton and bring him to the scene of the crime.

What are some of the egregious cases of multiple murders?

Jack the Ripper

I have to start with the stealth, the bloody, the brutal murders of Jack the Ripper. The only scary Star Trek episode when I was growing up was Wolf in the fold when Scotty apparently had brutally murdered women. ‘Scotty the Ripper’ of course was set up and the weirdo Mr. Hengus played superbly by John Fielder apparently housed the essence of the Ripper. The Ripper bounced around the galaxy and moved into space.

The real Ripper’s notoriety came with his operating in the dark. He was never caught. What the Ripper did to the women will be left to the listeners to this podcast to research or not.

John Wayne Gacy

The so-called normal guy yet trickster by day- the murdering scumbag by night, his basement a necropolis of discarded victims. By the numbers this psychotic brutalizer killed and tortured countless innocent human beings.


Ted Bundy

Bundy’s death count is close to Gacy’s but Bundy was like a killer on tour around the United States. Bundy eventually tried to up the ante, taking greater risks but guess what? His highway to fame ended via the electric chair: January 24, 1989.

Jeffery Dahmer

Hey Dahmer the only thing I will say is: two inmates got you on November 28, 1994.

Ladies and Gentlemen Jones moves out of character in the Prince William Slasher because of his anger at the Slasher. Let me join in that effort. I was stunned at the number of serial killers and we’ll leave it at that. Let’s go back to Matthias Jones and the Prince William Slasher around the Prince William and Hamilton area of the New Hampshire coast.

As Hamilton Police Chief George Strickland says:

“Prince William is terrified and many people here in Hamilton are uneasy.”

I think that’s the key with this Matthias Jones book. In a town of misinformation and whackos even the rumor of a serial killer spread by loud mouths such as Arnie Dewars and Bucky Driscoll can wreak havoc.

“Yeah the duct tape was slapped on the mouth after the murder Buckster!”

“Hey maybe they didn’t want said deceased to open their mouths, Arnie.”

Jones quickly learns that the wounds of the victims are all from the 7-inch blade, with the two recent victims doused in gin. He also meets a knockout slightly aging model. Wendell Harris described her as:

Pia is ‘fascinated’ by Jones

Oh, Pia was a top model in New York and LA., Now she’s real hoity-toity in Prince William. Lots of moola.”

Now Jones has to deal with her advances while tracking down the slasher.

Jones meets the town’s newspaper owner Tom McGill and they start talking about the case.

The blade was a 7-inch razor, never found and the case is unsolved. The FBI got involved and the thing fizzled. But this is interesting. The other women were killed on Saturday nights also.”

When the Slasher strikes at Club Max Jones becomes thoroughly immersed in the case. Then the part that makes the story smoke. Jones begins getting threatening calls directly from the Slasher. So, Jones is in jeopardy from the slasher and becomes just a wee bit nervous. Readers and listeners can pick up the Slasher’s rampage from here.


Sub Human Manson

In the words of Charlie Manson:

Believe me if I started murdering, they’d be none of you left.”

I am out of this place!

Hey Charlie. We’re here and you’re not.

Robert P. Fitton


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