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The Statute of Limitations: You’re Guilty of murder!

Matthias Jones Series: Six Feet Under

New Hampshire Statute of Limitations: Murder: no time limit

I would like to address the citizens of Hamilton, New Hampshire. I speak specifically about the unusual disappearance of one Harrison Mobley twenty-five years ago. A long time ago. Mr. Mobley was a professor at Hamilton College and an assistant to former coach Lark Larsen. Harrison Mobley was here today and gone tomorrow. Mr. Mobley had come to blows with members of our community. He was aware of certain lewd allegations from others, and he was involved possibly in a love triangle. What I would like to do today is to clarify some of these rumors and most of all find out the whereabouts on Mr. Mobley.

I would like to call to the stage the former coach Lark Larsen, beloved by one and all in the town of Hamilton. Come on up here Lark. Lark you knew Mr. Mobley, correct?

LARK LARSEN: “Oh that’s just an ugly rumor. You know how people like to make things up.”

“Ah, yes, Lark. We all know how some people can exaggerate.”

LARK LARSEN: ” Well if that’s all I’m busy as a bee today. I have to go.”

Lark’s Red De Soto

“Many people in town say you parked your De Soto and were heavily inebriated on a certain summer night in front of Matthias Jones’s house, Jones the present owner. You confronted Mr. Mobley.”

LARK LARSEN: “Oh dear… well he knew something.”

“About what?”

LARK LARSEN: ” Something personal.

“That was twenty-five years ago. What was it, Lark? And what about the so called ‘Big Blow Out?”

LARK LARSEN: “I have to go now…Oh, I’m doomed! Doomed!”

“The patriarch of this town Mr. Hamilton Fletcher. Sir, could clear up this mystery surrounding Mr. Harrison Mobley?

HAMILTON FLETCHER: “You’re damned right I’ll clear this up right here. Right now!”

“Sir, it’s been rumored there was bad blood between the two of you. Mr. Mobley and yourself.”

HAMILTON FLETCHER: “It only goes to show you that there are those who would go to any lengths to bring down a member of a prestigious family in this town and all of New Hampshire. Yes, sir!”

I understand that Pudgy Wilson saw Mr. Mobley throw a brick through the windshield of your Lamborghini.”

HAMILTON FLETCHER: “No it was a rock. I can’t help it if Mobley was a lunatic!”

“L.G. Bentley was a young lawyer than and can verify-“

HAMILTON FLETCHER: “Well, good for him.”

“Apparently you lost a great deal of money and you tripped Mobley into the bushes and said: And I quote. ” You keep your big trap shut, Mobley if you know what’s good for you.”

HAMILTON FLETCHER: “That’s not provable. I fact it’s a joke.”

“Not according to court records.”

HAMILTON FLETCHER: “You listen to me. You take your court records and shove them where the sun don’t shine!”

Mickey Snowden

” How were you involved with the gangster Mickey Snowden?”

“Well, I guess that’s all we’re going to hear from Hamilton Fletcher.”

Peeping Arnie

ARNIE DEWARS: ” What about Mobley’s girlfriend, Lady Godiva? She was up in the bedroom. Va-Va-Va Boom!”

“Your name sir?”

ARNIE DEWARS: “Dewars. Arnie Dewars.”

“Thank you, Mr. Dewars.”

ARNIE DEWARS: “You wouldn’t believe what I saw through my old man’s binoculars! Va-Va-Va Boom! Right Pudgy?”

Circling around the common

PUDGY WILSON: “And what about the brown Toyota kept circling the common? And Mickey Snowden’s Cadillac? My father Butch saw it all.”

“Maybe Mobley just wanted to disappear.”

ARNIE DEWARS: “Oh yeah? Maybe he was murdered!”

Okay let look at this a little closer if it was murder, New Hampshire has no statute of limitations.

There have been murder victims who have turned up alive later. And that is possible with Mr. Mobley.


There was the case of Richard Hutton who fit the profile of one of John Gacy’s victims. Thirty-five years after Gacy’s arrest Hutton turned up ALIVE in Montana!

Jane Doe case from Pennsylvania. Several women escaped from a nearby youth home and were murdered. The remaining missing girl Betsy Longjahr was assumed to be the last ID’d body. But she turned up ALIVE!


Another possible Gacy murder but not… Harold Lovell-1978 disappeared. Lovell had done yard work for Gacy. Gacy in fact did try to lure him into the house but he didn’t go in and was found ALIVE some time later. “A few times, he tried to get me into the house, but I wouldn’t go . . .  Thank God that I didn’t.

Listen to this:

A degenerate named Frasier in prison for raping and murdering a nine-year-old girl, and three other known victims. Natasha Ryan, missing, was assumed to have been on of the other victims. The police later found her with an older boyfriend where she muttered: “the lie had become too big.”

Okay, it should be clear right now that Harrison Mobley could have been murdered which means that the murderer could still be out there and be charged. Or Mobley may have had a good reason to leave Hamilton, New Hampshire and was living in anonymity at a faraway location.

Hamilton Fletcher’s Lamborghini

I wanted to write this book for some time because I could take a look at the younger version of the characters that reside in Hamilton, New Hampshire. Many of the personality traits of the present day people were in full force but in a younger version of themselves.

What happened to Harrison Mobley?

Robert P. Fitton


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