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Time Out: Senator Robert  F. Kennedy: Landon Lecture

I watched with great anticipation when Bobby Kennedy announced his candidacy for President of the United States and recorded the event on my tiny reel-to-reel recorder. We did not live in a world of instant news back then. Although I never heard the Senator speak at Kansas State, I was aware the ‘the campaign was on.’ When I heard this speech in 2021 Bobby Kennedy’s voice and his moral certainty invigorated all those ideals I felt at 17 years old and that were too easily buried between the pages of history. I wanted to bring in as much of that spring of 1968 into volume II of American Injustice as I could without dragging the novel’s flow. The energy of the crowd at this and subsequent speeches sustained that flow.

The Campaign Begins

Patch Kincaid Series Novels

The Kennedy Paradox

Return to Dallas

American Injustice Volume 1–(February 2022)

American Injustice Volume 1

American Injustice Volume II-(May 2022)

American Injustice Volume 2

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