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Where have you gone Harrison Mobley?

The patriarch of Hamilton, New Hampshire, the bombastic, the all-powerful, sometimes dictator and very very rich Hamilton Fletcher has agreed to attend a small gathering at Coach Matthias Jones’s colonial on the common in Hamilton. Nothing spectacular, right? For as long as he has known Matthias Jones, Hamilton Fletcher has categorically and empathically refused to set foot on Jones’s property. Maybe the passage of time has numbed Hamilton Fletcher although it’s probably more a matter of money and power which are the driving forces of his life.

Juicy Steaks on Jones’s Grill

All is well on Jones’s patio. Jones is suspicious of Hamilton Fletcher’s appearance at his cookout. On the patio is Father Jim Gallagher, in street clothes, and Dean of Students at Hamilton College Nigel Kent. On the patio radio is the obnoxious Arlo Wombat, a radio personality who travels around the area in a van while he’s on the air. Wombat particularly annoys Hamilton Fletcher. Let’s drop in on the conversation and the subsequent calamity on Jones’s patio.

Let’s drop in on the gathering:

Jones’s Colonial on the Common

Harrison Mobley lived in Jones’s home twenty-five years ago and incredibly Hamilton Fletcher has not shed the animosity for the man. Mobley was an athlete, specifically a boxer, and Lark Larsen’s assistant coach ‘in the day.’ It was Froggie Finlay who challenged Mobley to a boxing exhibition in the old gymnasium and was knocked to the mat over a dozen times. Mobley overheard talk of an underhanded deal with Micky Snowden, a gangster from Boston and Hamilton Fletcher. That led to a confrontation with Hamilton Fletcher at Mobley’s house which continued for months. The result was the ‘Big Blow Out” with numerous individuals upset with Mobley. Just a short time later Mobley and his girlfriend left town.

Harrison Mobley Beats Froggie Finlay 25 years ago

When Jones prepares to re-do his patio Miriam Kendall Lincoln, the local historical society chairwoman, claims the Jones is violating historical rules and regulations. And Miriam Kendall Lincoln’s husband is Mayor Picatta’s lawyer in Prince William. As Jones prepares for the Morgan State game Arnie Dewars calls and begins describing what he saw through binoculars at age twelve-the sordid details of Harrison Mobley’s love life at Jones’s Colonial. Jones later begins to wonder what happened to Harrison Mobley and his girlfriend.

Arnie Dewars and Lady Godiva

Jones in casual conversation learns that Arnie Dewars claimed there was a shot fired in his colonial on the night that Mobley and his girlfriend left town. And Cocoa knows things about that night twenty-five years ago that he doesn’t want to talk about. Jones cautions himself because whatever happened- happened long ago. Tom McGill further arouses Jones’s suspicions when he mentions that the former editor of his paper wrote an entire story about the Big Blow Out. Hamilton Fletcher spiked the story and Jones becomes very curious. When Bucky says Mobley was murdered Jones agrees with the general consensus that Mobley and his girlfriend left town. Arnie relays more details about what when on that night. Again Jones is wondering about Micky Snowden and the shot. Strickland tells Jones that nothing exists about Mobley on the background checks. Strickland has the old police logs. Lark and a well-dressed man were involved in the ruckus at Jones’s house. So was Hamilton Fletcher.

Lark Larsen’s rogue DeSoto

Tom McGill has retrieved Jerry St. Clair’s five articles about Hamilton Fletcher and the funding of the school by Micky Snowden. Mobley heard about the deal. It got back to Snowden and Mobley left town. Or so it seems. McGill’s secretary runs in and says Jones’s jeep is on fire.

Jones’s Jeep consumed by Fire

Cocoa then tells Jones. “Somebody doesn’t want ya lookin’ inta Mobley.” Strickland has the background check on on Mobley shows he doesn’t exist. Hmmm.

Fletcher Estate, Fletcher Hill

In a meeting with Cocoa and Hamilton Fletcher about the bad feeling between Mobley and Hamilton, Jones learns Mobley was going to call the DA on Hamilton Fletcher. Then Hamilton went over to the colonial. Micky Snowden showed up and shot Mobley. Later the house was cleaned and no records now exist for Mobley being treated for a gunshot. Lark Larsen, drunk staggered into the colonial. All the while a Toyota was circling the common. The girlfriend got in the Toyota.

Micky Snowden arrives at Mobley’s House

That’s how Six Feet Under starts out but there’s a lot more to the story. Including an Uncle Dullio moment. There is a Bucky Driscoll subplot. Eventually Jones is convinced there was a murder and begins to unravel the deed after twenty-five years.


Six Feet Under-Chapter Seven

No General Time Limit for Murder

While the federal government and most states impose no time limit on murder charges, there is nothing legally preventing this practice from changing. This means a murder charge can be filed even decades after the alleged killing has occurred.

Having no statute of limitations on murder allows law enforcement to occasionally solve and prosecute “cold cases.” This has become especially pertinent with the continuing advances in DNA evidence, which can pinpoint a killer many years after the crime.

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