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Who is Baker Finch?

Robert P. Fitton

Who is Baker Finch?

Baker Eugene Finch

Baker Finch in American Injustice I and II is a competent CIA agent on the rise in his career. Finch was recruited by the agency by Thomas ‘Chub’ Poirier from Yale in 1959.

Baker Finch in Dallas: November 22, 1963

The young agent has an undisclosed role near the School Depository Building on November 22, 1963.

Audubon Zoo Operation

Baker Finch first encounters Natalie Tompkins and Patch Kincaid in a violent shootout outside the Audubon Zoo in New Orléans, where he directs the operation. Then he begins a dogged pursuit of Patch that brings him to Vietnam. Yet the leader of the Milky Way Network, code name Denali, sends Patch and Ray Meinkewitz overseas. Behind the scenes Finch is in pursuit.

Finch is waiting in Tangier

Only savvy, quick thinking by Patch prevents an all-out-assault from murdering them as they sleep. We never see Finch upset because he respects Patch. But he stays on Patch and Meinkewitz’s trail and confronts them directly.

Finch closes in

Finch professionally demands Patch surrender the contents of a classified readout inside a sealed envelope. Both Meinkewitz and Patch act with great alacrity. Finch chases them in a crazy race culminating with a vicious attack by wild animals.

The Barbary macaques

Injured, he recovers from infection and returns to the United States where he breaks the CIA 1947 charter and illegally spies on the 1968 spring primaries in the United States. He is spotted at major events, and a television audience.

Not legal

It’s clear that Finch is deeply involved with events in Los Angeles in 1968. (Probably mind control) We are unaware what his role was in Memphis. And in the end as Patch retreives the Rosetta Stone of the JFK assassination, Finch’s and Patch’s survival depend on the final outcome of their final battle.

Baker Finch is not real. That being said- Finch represents the all-pervasive involvement by the CIA and intel agencies in domestic activity and overseas illegalities. That is how he should be viewed in American Injustice I and II.

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