Author Robert P. Fitton

Cape Cod Massachusetts

Robert P. Fitton

 Patch Kincaid embarked on a time travel rescue mission and ended  up in 1961 causing the assassination of JFK .

U.S. Cities nuked... Patch Kincaid entered the time chamber and goes back in time to kill the terrorist who coordinated  the attack. It lands him  embedded in the Mafia  and the invading rebels during the Bay of Pigs. But Time Travel is a risky venture. President Kennedy is assassinated because Patch
somehow changed history.



1961 Audio Book

The real  Hastings Mountain:
Cheyenne Mountain complex in Colorado


1961 Introduction

1961-by Robert P. Fitton

Chapter One Audio

Sound Effects - Game,Under Bleachers POV,PA
Download Sound Effects - SoundDogs - Rob Nokes _SDC (

Time With Fitton

 The author talks about  1961

How could I have been so stupid?
Podcast by Robert P. Fitton (Fitton's Time Machine)

1961 Podcast" How Could I have been so stupid? "

1961: JFK, and the bay of Pigs.

Fitton's Time Machine

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