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The Assassination of John F. Kennedy Web Site 

by Robert P. Fitton

A massive, encyclopedic look at how and why President Kennedy was assassinated.


1963: The Definitive JFK Assassination Novel

1963 AUDIO


The Time Travel Novel back to the truth:  

Spying on Lee Harvey Oswald


the Plot to Kill President Kennedy


Interactive Digital Edition

Message from the author:


The online edition is illustrated. Links to films, documentaries and biographies of the Kennedy Assassination players not only buttress the major assertions of this novel, but provide the reader with an expansive resource to understand why the Thirty-Fifth president of the United States was murdered. It is not my intent to inject what some may consider phantasmal science fiction into what is a serious study by devoted and competent researchers.


For those who are not inclined to read the science fiction aspects of 1963 or the novel itself, the digital edition of 1963 has “Easy Access.” The political and historical aspects of the Kennedy Assassination can be effortlessly summoned with a single click.

                                                                       Robert P. Fitton

The assassination of President Kennedy changed the history of the United States and the world. Vietnam and Watergate followed and the rise of unbridled power. Chapter 75 of Robert P. Fitton's time travel novel 1963 is like a mini-book in itself. Like the novel itself, any assertion about the Kennedy Assassination is sourced. The entire sequence in Dealy Plaza is slowed down which aids the reader in understanding the true nature of the shots fired at the president. For those who lived through the dark days in Dallas the truth may be unsettling, and the graphic forensic details are horrific. What happens in Chapter 75 is not the story spun by the United States government.

Lee Oswald

New Orleans and the phony communist

Jack Kennedy was alive and vigorous in 1986 until Patch Kincaid went back in time and changed everything.  When he later returns Patch is clueless as to why Kennedy was murdered. He never knew how his traveling  to 1961 had caused the assassination of the 35th President of the United States!

Robert P. Fitton reveals in 1963 why President Kennedy was killed because Patch Kincaid time traveled to 1961.

Patch returns to Dealey Plaza in Dallas, site of the  Kennedy Assassination in November, 1963. Here he will sell CD's and books from a table highlighting the life of JFK. One BIG problem: Many people want his time travel knowledge, including the Chinese and deranged  CIA  scientist, Dr. Alexander Moon.

And United States military intelligence wants answers. Who has been working on time travel and where? Patch finds the answers but with a strong caveat: The military clears Patch's memory of any knowledge of the JFK assassination.

Patch, his memory stifled,  lands in July, 1963. Shari, the woman who helps him is drawn into the events of 1963. And with the unseen help of his mentor and friend Ray Meinkewitz, Patch once again  links up in 1963 with his close friend from 1961, Johnny Roselli.

Johnny Roselli

They are off to Vegas and Mafia operative Lewis McWillie, who sends them to Dallas with Jack Ruby. Pop songs, radio and news reports highlight the authenticity of the era.

Roselli has a unique offer to Patch, who saved his life back in 1961. Patch will be paid well as he conducts surveillance on Lee Harvey Oswald. And folks, Lee Oswald is not the same loner, communist and misfit  portrayed by the Warren Commission.

The stage is set to jump behind the scenes of Oswald's activities in the summer and fall of 1963.

There is a the man behind the scenes. Double maybe triple agent.  A man who knows about the plot to kill President Kennedy. A man who careens into the path of Patch Kincaid in the late summer 1963.

Richard Case Nagel

Fitton weaves a intricate plot, connecting the dots in the Kennedy Assassination. By spying on Oswald Patch and Shari encounter intelligence, Mafia, and anti-Castro plotters as well as the major events in the plot to kill the president. Spanning from Austin to New Orleans to Chicago, Miami, Mexico City and Dallas, the action is unparalleled.

November 22, 1963:

Robert P. Fitton demonstrates vividly with source material the exact nature of the shots and operatives in Dealey Plaza.

The Future:

What will the United States become?  Fitton tells us.


No speculation. No outlandish claims and wild theories. Documents exist. People in high places have talked. And Fitton has actually footnoted every utterance and fact in his time travel novel 1963. Oswald did not shoot President Kennedy.

In this carefully crafted time travel  novel and historical account, time travel author Robert P. Fitton destroys the myth that Lee Oswald was the loner/communist portrayed by the Warren Commission.

Through the eyes of Patch Kincaid and Shari  Thomas, we observe a different Oswald than the Oswald malcontent image persisting in popular movies and novels to this very day.

Participants in the coup d'état in Dealey Plaza are exposed and the frame-up of Oswald is clearly shown in his many of his known movements in the summer and fall of 1963.

President Kennedy.

1963 by Robert P. Fitton
Read by Robert P. Fitton (1963)

Author's Note and Dedication to
President Kennedy

Elm Street, Dealey Plaza, Dallas Texas

1963 by Robert P. Fitton
Read by Robert P. Fitton (1963)

1963 Chapter One 
Read by
Robert P. Fitton

1963-Time with Fitton
Robert P. Fitton

Time With Fitton
The author talks about 1963

1963 by Robert P. Fitton
Read by Robert P. Fitton (1963)

1963 Podcast

" The Dirty Little Bastard "

Oswald tries to buy rifles from Robert 
McKeown with wads of cash.

1963 by Robert P. Fitton
Read by Robert P. Fitton (1963)

1963 Podcast

" Will The Real Maurice Bishop Please Stand Up?"

How Oswald met the head of the CIA's
Chief of Operations in the Western hemisphere.

_ Jack Ruby's Kind of Town _

1963 Podcast

" Jack Ruby's Kind of Town."

The Chicago Plot

Fitton's Time Machine

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