Author Robert P. Fitton

Cape Cod Massachusetts

In a wild time travel novel, Mark McKenna and the crew of Time Portal Alpha board a vehicle which had only simulated journeys back in time. The maniacal Dr. Nieeko Mauro, a man both genius and evil has broken the time barrier to radically alter the current timeline. Nieeko wishes to diminish the United States of America into a minor world power, seething in poverty and unable to economically take care of its own people. A point in time exists in the twentieth century where Nieeko altered the timeline and prevented a project that brought economic growth to America in the 20th century. McKenna is confronted by Nieeko with unforeseen circumstances and a final showdown.

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Described as Murder, Mayhem and Monkey Business, the Matthias Jones Series highlights Fitton’s mystery books. However, being alone in a house far away from home can be a dangerous mystery  (the House Series by R.P. Fitton). Harry Cobb, Intra Solar System Investigator overlaps an investigator’s work with science fiction in the solar system while the crew of ESS-14 hurtles through uncharted space in Galactic Command. Rounding out the mystery area is Framed, a novel of arrogance and ambition. The mega Sojourn saga  links the universe via the intergalactic passageway and is subdivided into three books. While international intrigue on earth is evidenced in Green Haze and involves being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Downsized is romance, Kron Man is a reluctant superhero formed by extraterrestrials. Sprinkle in poems and shorts stories and a web site with a panoply of stories develops, spiced with adventure, authenticity and possibility.

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