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Fitton Books

For your reading and listening pleasure

The Web Site of Robert P. Fitton


Robert P. Fitton loves writing time travel and science fiction books and has loaded his audio, paperback and kindle links on this site. His unique Matthias Jones Mysteries Series features humor (lol) interspersed into murder investigations! But he hasn't left out the thriller mysteries, short stories, novellas and poems. For your reading and listening pleasure.

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Robert P. Fitton

Time Travel Books

"Time Travel is a Risky Venture."

The Time Travel Page

‚ÄčThe Matthias Jones Mysteries

"Murder, Mayhem, and Monkey Business."

The Matthias Jones Page

Science Fiction

"I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?"

George Bernard Shaw

The House Series Mysteries

House Series Link

"Fear begins when the lights go out in a house where you're all alone."


"Ambition, lust, murder, and arrogance."

Framed Link

Adventure and Intrigue

Adventure and Intrigue Link

"Time and the Ocean and some guiding star and 'High Cabal have made us what we are."

                                                                                     -Winston Churchill

Rekindled Romance

Rekinded Romance Link.

"To love is human... To love again is divine."

21st Century Poetic License

Poems from the heart.

Fitton's Ancient Papyrus

"There it is. Take it."

                                                                     - William Mulholland

A detailed and expansive site dedicated to the assassination of the 35th President of the United States and the reasons behind the assassination..

"Writing is a demanding profession and a selfish one. And because it is selfish and demanding, because it is compulsive and exacting, I didn't embrace it. I succumbed to it."

                                   -Rod Serling

Robert P. Fitton's Audio Books are at Pizzazz-Pizzazz


For your reading and listening pleasure.