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History mixed with  fantasy, action and adventure.

"Join me traveling back in time to an specific year in history  for a journey mixed with  fantasy, action and adventure."

The Matthias Jones Mysteries (lol)

"The Matthias Jones Series will bring you murder, mayhem, and monkey business."

                     -R.P. Fitton

His father was an investigator who was murdered. Matthias Jones became an athlete and coach, but he solved his father’s murder.

Hamilton College on the coast of New Hampshire hired him to coach sports, but getting into murder investigations remains his passion. He knows the cops and the district attorney Herbert Lane hates his guts. He's best buds with Cocoa Stefani a major under world character and a good friend of parish priest, Father Jim Gallagher. Jones's persistence gains him the upper hand over the cops and the DA-and the murderer.

FIRST BOOK IN the Matthias Jones Series.

R.I.P. Bill Jones

Murder, Mayhem, and Monkey Business."

The beginning of the series. Jones wins the national high school championship and is recruited by Cocoa Stefani to coach at Hamilton College. But there's a glitch. His dad, a veteran investigator is murdered and left in his truck at the river's edge. Jones and Cocoa become friends tracking down Bill Jones's killer. Their efforts are thwarted by Lester Larsen, son of the retiring bumbling coach Lark Larsen as he attempts to prevent Jones from replacing his father as coach.

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SECOND BOOK in  the Matthias Jones Series.

The Prince William Slasher

"Murder, Mayhem, and Monkey Business."

Four women are brutally murdered in six weeks by a killer wielding a razor’s deadly blade. Matthias Jones, just taking the reins of coaching at Hamilton College learns tangentially of the Prince William Slasher. He is introduced at a Hamilton College trustees meeting and catches the eyes of the retired model Pia. Jones and Cocoa are witness to a fifth gruesome murder and Jones begins the pursuit of the killer. Jones must deal with the antics of the irascible Arnie Dewars and his goofy friend Muddy Jacobs. The slasher attempts yet another murder and begins taunting Jones on the phone. Pia and Jones begin dating but Pia has grand designs on the Hamilton College coach. As Jones’s basketball team begins winning, the killer threatens him directly with murder.
THIRD BOOK in  the Matthias Jones Series

Murder at Tolby Lake

"Murder, Mayhem, and Monkey Business."

In Murder at Tolby Lake Brad Davis was a brilliant genetic researcher working for Hamilton Fletcher and Hamilton College. But Davis’s wild life of parties, booze, drugs and sex made him many enemies. When he is murdered a Hamilton College student Amy Pollard is found with her personally owned handgun, the gun that killed Brad Davis. Just that afternoon Davis bloodied his benefactor, Hamilton Fletcher’s nose. Lurking in the background is Davis’s mob connection to Albert Fiore in Boston. A Hamilton College professor, Zoey Wilmont is suspiciously in the lake house area. The Fletchers reach out to Matthias Jones to protect the college’s interest and find the murderer. Jones ends up with his nefarious friend Cocoa Stefani in Boston eventually confronts the murderer directly.

The Club Max Murder

THIRD BOOK in  the Matthias Jones Series

The Club Max Murder

"Murder, Mayhem, and Monkey Business."

Club Max, owned by Jones's friend and underworld character Cocoa Stefani, is a cauldron for risky behavior. Jones's star football player is arrested for the murder of a Club Max hooker. Jones jumps into the case, irritated by a Sherlock Holmes buff trying to solve the crime. Mobsters and students are all suspects and it is only in the hair raising final scene where the true killer is revealed.

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The Strange Death of Dr. Povitch

FIFTH BOOK in  the Matthias Jones Series

The Strange Death of Dr. Povitch

"Murder, Mayhem, and Monkey Business."

Did Father Jim Gallagher murder Dr. Sergi Povitch? The police think so. Povitch dies at his observatory from poison at Gallagher’s dinner table. Now Gallagher is on the run.

Matthias Jones tries to exonerate the priest, but he also suspects his star player who confided drug use to Dr. Povitch.
A Povitch colleague has stolen vital notes from the doctor's notebook for a book deal. And was Povitch's companion, Elsie McIntire, after his money?

Blocking Jones's investigation is a bumbling security cop, Bucky Driscoll. Driscoll clumsily destroys vital evidence and his constant stupidity annoys Jones' temperamental close friend-a sly underworld figure named Cocoa Stefani.

Then- a second murder-one of Jones's cheerleaders. While at the funeral in her hometown, Jones finds the evidence he needs to confront the murderer.

Deader than Dead

SIXTH BOOK in  the Matthias Jones Series

Deader than Dead

"Murder, Mayhem, and Monkey Business."

Hamilton Fletcher leader in the town, industry, and patriarch is murdered in his study. His money grubbing daughter was on the Fletcher Estate in the carriage house. A gun toting neighbor lurked in the shadows. The company controller may have wanted more power. And the fired groundskeeper was upset with Hamilton Fletcher. Matthias Jones finds Hamilton dead at his computer with a mystery file called Jersey imports on the screen. After being shot at on numerous occasions, threatened and targeted for murder, Matthias Jones locates the accused. Of course the local yokels impede and help him solve the murder-all with much (lol).

Funeral March for the Maestro

SIXTH BOOK in the Matthias Jones Series

Funeral March for the Maestro

"Murder, Mayhem, and Monkey Business."

In Funeral March for the Maestro, the conductor of the Prince William Symphony is murdered with a single bullet, yet two shots were fired - a minute apart. Beloved coach Lark Larsen has tested positive for firing a gun. With the help of the wacky locals in Hamilton, New Hampshire, Matthias Jones zeroes in on the real murderer - someone who knew the maestro very well.

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Murder at the Applegate

SEVENTH in the Matthias Jones Series

Murder at the Applegate

"Murder, Mayhem, and Monkey Business."

Mathias Jones’s longtime friend Leo Crowley is found dead under a concrete foundation at the Applegate Development in Hamilton, New Hampshire. Bonner Development’s unsavory owner Bobby Bonner becomes an immediate suspect because of his activities around the time of Leo’s murder. The belligerent attitude of Bonner’s construction superintendent Scott Gleason begins confronting Jones and Cocoa Stefani as they delve into the murder. Dennis Cruchek, who lured Leo out to the site, has disappeared and Kim Rose, a tall blonde seemingly is deeply involved in the development. Watching over the development is the pugnacious Red Kroc a Bonner worker on the site who will instantly pick a fight with anyone. As always District Attorney Herbert Lane tries to block Jones's efforts. Jones finds love with his friend Frannie McShane but needs counseling from Father Gallagher when fate takes a turn for the worse.

The Handyman's Secret

EIGHTH BOOK in the Matthias Jones Series

The Handyman's Secret

"Murder, Mayhem, and Monkey Business."

A collision of Lark Larsen’s new boat with “the Maintenance Free” in Hamilton Bay leads to the murder of local handyman Webster Howard. Lark hires an intelligence operative, Detective Clyde Hooper whose antics annoy and frustrate Matthias Jones’s investigation of the murder. Cocoa Stefani falls in love with a beautiful but innocent brunette, Janet Boudreaux, but J.B. soon becomes a Jones suspect. Trooper Banastre O’Connell appears to have been romantically involved with the overspending Mabel Howard, Webster’s wife. In the middle of the investigation is Reverend John Paul Bricker and” his church.” From a bar on Cape Cod Jones and Cocoa track the killer, while shadowed by Clyde Hooper and his helper, the ever-bumbling Bucky Driscoll.

Galactic Command

Galactic Command Series

Join Commander John Ross and the crew of Explorer Space ship 14 in their voyages through the galaxy.

Fitton's Galactic Command Series. Voyage 24. Join Commander John Ross and the crew of ESS-14, after the Antarian War, to a planet bordering a nebula on the edge of the galaxy. Ross chases a derelict ESS Commander and his Antarian conspirator. Beyond the Nebula is an enclosed solar system, controlled by omnipotent life forms that desire a cataclysmic future for Galactic Command.

Commander John Ross leaves with his first officer Lindy for down time with his family on the resort starship Earthstar. Ross dreads the arrival of his cold and calculating Intelligentsia father, John Ross, Sr. who was away during Ross’s childhood working for the Command intelligence service. His brother’s ship is hijacked with intense tug drag beams to the planet Scaeva Tengal.

Ross and Lindy appropriate a hotel ship but are also taken to Scaeva Tengal by the tug drag beams. They are prisoners of the Sol Domain. Sol is a Cyvac, a human whose neurological pathways have merged with advance nanocircuits. Cyvacs are programmed and follow order. Human destiny and aspirations are stripped away. Such beings are the result of a runaway Command project call the Pegasus-Merisheli. As Lindy and his family face revacing at Sol City, Ross escapes to the Heartland with his father, gaining a closer bond as they search for the director of the Pegasus-Merisheli Project, Dr. Tsiolkovsky.

After encountering a divergent religious order called the Elias Sect, Ross and his father reenter Sol City for a final show down with Sol. But Sol has joined forces with Ross’s defeated enemy from the Antarian War, Rafac and a rogue Command ESS commander Jack Bragg.

Using the revacing technology they have taken over ESS ships, including Ross’s own vessel to avenge the Antarian loss to Command during the war. All of Command is threaded unless Sol and Rafec are stopped

Harry Cobb Intra Solar System Investigator

Harry Cobb was a former intelligence officer now an intra solar system private investigator.

Harry Cobb: an inner solar system private investigator on a journey to Mars....

Cobb wants answers when a potential client is murdered in the Martian desert. He is hindered by the powerful Turcotte family and suspects one of their employees. Aided by his investigative team, Cobb believes his old love could be the killer, and he travels to her space colony to find the truth.

Aboard a space cruise liner with a young woman named Angelique, Harry Cobb receives an emergency call from his old friend Mark Belkin that his wife Jenna has been murdered in a tracer explosion on Neptune's moon, Triton. Cobb embarks for Triton, but is kidnapped and almost killed in deep space. He follows the murder trail through Station 32 on Triton encountering the powerful Lovinski Cartel and Buck Wiley, a wacky local inspector. Yet, someone is still trying to kill him. Only on Olympus Mons on Mars does he find answers with the help of Angelique. With the entire Intra Solar System Investigative Bureau descending upon him he solves the crime in the Ice Mountains on Triton.

Sojourn, a Novel of Destiny

Former high level security agent Tom Loftus is called back into action and to a destiny across time and space.

He was banished from all intelligence work because his mentor, running for president died in a prodigious boat explosion. Now his old boss is calling Captain Loftus back into action. But going back into action means seeing his lost love from years ago. In the shadows are beings not of this world.

In a magnificent odyssey Tom Loftus and Zach cross the Intergalactic Passageway connecting earth with the planets of humanity's origin. Awaiting them are other worlds, vast armies, and Sard, the Vargut Emnas now the leader of the Creod Realm.

Part One: Desperado

Part Two: The Vargut Emnas

Part Three: The Awaited One

House Series

"Being alone in a house away from home can be deadly. "

Mary Ellen brings her children on the boat to Sabines Island. Through the binoculars, she is stunned to see the orange Mustang in her beach house driveway. Her husband Tony is alone painting the house and the car belongs to a twenty-three-year-old provocative woman, Su Lee. Kel, a retired police officer helps her investigate the mischief. Su Lee’s presence to three deaths and then a fourth, prompts Kel to unravel her background. Mary Ellen finds herself alone in the beach house to face a possible killer as she fights for her own life.

Mattie Summers is caught in the throes of an abusive marriage. A gentle, sensitive soul, Mattie separates from her husband John after physical and emotional turmoil. She retreats to Maine on vacation, exchanging her Arizona home for a 19th century house on rocky cliffs overlooking the Atlantic. Alone and five miles from the town of Rexford, Mattie is harassed by eerie phone calls on the old rotary dial phone. McCabe, owner and manager of many local properties, helps Mattie with her broken down rental car and with problems around the Exchange House. McCabe takes Mattie out on a date but she finds evidence that her estranged husband is in the area. A pony-tailed and weird mechanic stalks her. As a fierce storm hits the area, someone on the property cuts the phone wires and Mattie is forced to flee for her life. Not until the final moments with her life in the balance does the identity of the assailant become evident. 

Green Haze

Action and Adventure... in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A seasoned reporter, Roy Garrison is drawn to the California high desert by a local woman's bizarre claim of weird happenings on the state highway. Garrison is soon fleeing for this life as he pursues the lead, and soon finds himself trapped within the machinations of the Defense Security Agency. Across the country in Florida a couple falls into the same project but from another angle. On the run with an old friend, Garrison links up with the Florida couple. The intense espionage, double-crossing and government overthrow swirls into an unexpected finale, leaving behind a wake of death and destruction.


Gordon Butts's arrogance and ambition are framed by his own stupidity.

Ambition, lust, murder, and arrogance. Loser Gordon Butts, recently fired at a dead-end job, happens upon a new job opportunity, where he cons his way through an interview with the company president, Walter Thornton. Butts claws his way to the top, removing all obstacles in his path. But ambition, lust, murder, and arrogance all have a stated price. Butts’s outlandish and reckless behavior demands eternal justice. And justice is most assuredly served!


With his life falling apart, Alan Sackett returns to the town where he spent a special summer.

Alan Sacket is about to be promoted to Vice President of sales for Lamberts, a mega store chain. Despite his large sales increase, Sackett is fired as the stock market plummets in 2008. Alan Sackett’s huge salary had supported his burgeoning debts. His debt swells with his income gone and payments due on his hotel suite, several vehicles, a six-figure boat, and mountain condo. He makes a deal with a notorious loan shark, Roscoe, to minimize his debt while he looks for work.
Alan flies to Barclay Idaho, where he spent a summer at age ten, to sell his late aunt’s general store. He meets Soonie, his ten-year-old friend from that summer. Soonie’s situation and Alan’s love for her and the small-town clash with opposing forces. His plan involves the town, Soonie and Roscoe’s demand for the entire loan.

Kron Man: Just your average super hero

Just returned from the Air Force, Randy Wilson uses his mechanic’s skills at Eddie’s Quick Fix Garage in Camden Bay, New York. Randy’s sister is harassed by the nefarious Junior Janus, a spoiled rich kid dabbling in criminal activities even murder. After a beating by Junior’s security men, Randy returns home. But that evening he encounters a mysterious force that causes him to have no recollection of the next two days of his life. The quirky and annoying Eddie Conover, owner of Eddie’s garage, witnesses Randy turning into a bulky blue creature as he leaps to the top of the garage. Randy’s detective friend, also observing Randy’s incredible speed and strength calls Colonel Briggs of a special division of the Air Force. After being shot in public view with no ill effects Randy is brought by Briggs for observation at a secret location. Assisted by Lieutenant Fogarty, an attractive blonde navy doctor, Randy is placed under hypnosis. The truth of the lost two days and the reality of Kron Man comes forth. Randy is returned to Camden Bay where he confronts Junior Janus and the heinous plot to kill the president.
(Just your average super hero.)

Short Stories and Novellas

Phantasm adventures that warp reality.


17 Short Stories and Novellas


Stories of roads not taken and worlds within worlds where justice is served to those who step beyond the edge of time, space and reality, good and evil, and life and death.



No Place Like Home


Don Murdock enters his Aunt’s house-of the past where he must decide whether to change the past-the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


Mr. Greenwald's Tiergarten

Sidney B. Greenwald is sold a bill of goods and attempts to leave contrived realities, created inside a Tiergarten by a man named Jackson.


Fast Forward

Steve steals a remote control from Dr. Milcoski. How altruistic will he become once he knows he can go back and forth in time?


The Last Rites of Dottie O'Leary

The Great Franchesco transforms Rick and Rita to face the sins of the past and the woman he murdered years ago.


Thinking of You

Who controls the freighter Praktiken, the Hubric artificial intelligence or humans. What is real and what is merely the desire of the Hubric? Who will live and who will die?

The Monstrosity

Vincent Montessori has built more malls than anyone, without seeing the destruction in his wake. Montessori must find the key to existence or face an eternal nightmare.


In My Image

Herbert Frederick is the new plant supervisor putting pressure on Kluger. Only problem is: Frederick possesses supernatural and quite evil powers that are used against Kluger inside the plant.


The Ultimate Salesman

The obnoxious Nick Piranha has bullied his way to the top. Piranha returns to his origins as his world slowly is annihilated.



Clarise sends her father Morris to an adult daycare facility, a facility with unbounded possibilities. When she removes Morris, the cycle is completed in an unusual and rejuvenating way.


Sweep the Sweeper

When Mike lost Jody, his world became a darkened shell of happier times. Mike hears voices and a world beyond the constraints of everyday life. The world thinks him crazy until he finds the peace so abruptly taken away.


The Decision

    1. Avak’s goal is to become a proltor, in charge of others and a ship. But he must make a final judgement that will either give him what he wants or cause his own death.



Caught between the 19th century small town America and a fast paced 21st century marketing business Todd Granger is trapped in a cycle from what he wants and loves versus an immoral, soulless world.


Shoot Out at Coldwater Canyon

Elmer Guinness is a timid man who allows himself to be bullied at the office. When the office takes a company vacation to a simulation of the old west, Guinness faces life, death and justice.


Read Roy His Rights

On a two-hundred-year voyage, Miranda’s Guardian robot needs to be scrapped. Only the young girl can empathize with the Guardian’s ability to feel. She demands that Roy be saved because of his personal dignity. As they flee Roy’s worth is finally realized at the space ship’s destination.


The Village

Neal Embers lives in a massive containment village in Colorado. Pain and suffering have been supplanted with happiness and illusion with implanted imagers. Everyone else is in the real world of self-reliance and hard work, family and dealing with suffering. Something is wrong when Neal’s father chooses to voluntarily end his life and image his life into an unlimited illusion.



Jackie and the Z-man taunt the old man in the supermarket. The old man falls, the security people arrive and the teens flee. But when they entered the store freezer they emerge in World War Two and the approach to the Remagen Bridge across the Rhine. Jackie soon understands death, service and the fight. But most importantly he comes to appreciate and revere the old man in the supermarket.


Players in Purgatory

Ralph Norman crosses a bridge into a world controlled by a select few with the ability to morph between identities. Smelser is on the run and warns Norman about Gerstein’s Funeral Home, the destination for those absorbed as players in purgatory.



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21st Century Poetic License
Poems by Robert P. Fitton

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North of North


One by One

Pass me a Summer’s Day

I Never Sighted the Red-tailed Hawk

I Turn Backward Now

The Footprints

This Canal

Nighttime Highways

Late January Pools

The Surface Tension

Spring Arrived Late

The Spirit of the Land

The Shirt that was New

Blue Sky Day

Fall Is Not Far Behind

The Mighty Oak

A Cape Cod Tale

Sneakers and Blue Jeans


The Greatest

That’s the Way It Is

 The Mighty Cosmos

A Requiem for Mister Rodman

 The Forty-Fourth Bumbling Bluster

Orson Wells

A Simple Prayer for the Common Man

Being a Boy

L’ectric Lydia

And Still They Come

A Tribute to the Star

 The Foaming Wake

Child of Mine

Sleep, Baby Boy


Wind the clock, Ken

  Simple He Lived

 Un Regalo de Dios!

Heaven’s Gate

Sun through Rain

Davy Boy

The Children

The Mighty Fortune

Mr. Salt and Mr. Brine

The Belated Birthday

The Man Across the Church

Who is Who?

The Nightingale’s Song


Listen to the Plow

The Christmas's Yet to be

Plea from a Twentieth Century Child

The Marvelous Ride!

Everyone’s Gone Away

The Town Left Long Ago

Before We Knew What Life Was all About

Ask Not


That Heroic Spirit

The Erie Canal

July 4, 1776

The Americans Are Coming

The River Stops Here 

Learn to Fly

So Long Kenny on the Stairway to Fame

When the Whistle Sounds at Waterloo

The Blues are Runnin’

The Executioner’s Loft

 The Cemetery Flags

The Unheard Promise

 A Snowflake Angel

 Summer Has Not Yet Ended

Welcome Home Alek Hidell


Welcome to my Nightmare

 Off the Earth

Comet Halley

Beyond the Beyond

 The Moth

Before, After and Beyond

The Firefly

 Wandering in the Universe at Night

No More

By night Within

Who’s seen me?





The Tangible Mask

Little One           

The Dust Settles and the Sun Rises 

Where The Poppies  Grow

 One Ship Moved Out

The Inner Landscape

The Fourth

I Give You Hope


The Onion Layers

Wandering in the Desert

My Rose

Laying Waste to Innocence

In the Shadows

Why Me?

Eloise Waits

Staring at the Fire

The Dog Barked

From Monadnock’s Peak

The Shadow of Minnewaska

Ants on the Hill

At the Window Looking Westward

Sleep Tight, Post Meridiem

Morning in the Garden

The Hefty Mirage

Just Yesterday

Will Christmas ever be the same?

The Room Below

Passes the Night

The Hopeful Switch

How Infinite Are You God?


Scary book for Halloween

My Other Face by Robert P. Fitton

Amherst, Massachusetts... 1979

Agent to Fitton: “You need to write what's selling, Bob. And horror stories are selling.”

That was 1980. I ‘kindda’ followed his advice. My intention in writing My Other Face was to inject the idea of ghosts, spirits and the walking dead into my writing. The book evolved into a science fiction panoply of the living dead and opening a Pandora’s Box of unknown physics. Before writing  this novel, I read half a dozen horror novels of the 1970’s and early 1980’s. It is not my nature to write graphic descriptions of violence. But I do like suspense and tense situations in my books. My Other Face has both.

In this bizarre cauldron is Marta DuPont Pendleton- vulnerable and frightened and cast into a horrific situation in an isolated New Hampshire town. Marta is in intense therapy and sees ‘flashes,’ black and white snippets of a skewed deadly reality. No one believes she is sane. I utilized the device of echoing her inner thoughts as she meanders back to what will be come the ultimate horror of her life in her husband’s home town of St. Argus, New Hampshire.

Like the novel Peyton Place’s wealthy and powerful Harrington family, the Pendletons control St. Argus in My Other Face. Unlike Peyton Place no such gossip and scandal resides in St. Argus. My Other Face is  gory… but good.

Do not read on a midnight dreary, while you ponder, weak and weary.


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