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Robert P. Fitton loves writing time travel and science fiction books and has loaded his audio, paperback and kindle links on this site. His unique Matthias Jones Mysteries Series features humor (lol) interspersed into murder investigations! But he hasn't left out the thriller mysteries, short stories, novellas and poems. For your reading and listening pleasure.

Robert P. Fitton

Patch Ki​ncaid and the JFK Assassination

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Return to Dallas

Return to Dallas is an encyclopedic sourced novel surveilling Lee Oswald in the summer and fall of 1963 as well as highlighting the surrounding plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. Return to Dallas utilizes the evolving information while discarding debunked JFK Assassination theories. Photographs paint the era in vivid color rather than aging vintage black and white stills. Those associated with the plot to kill Jack Kennedy as well as peripheral characters are woven into a pertinent historical context. The reader will soon understand the whirlwind around Lee Harvey Oswald and why President Kennedy was removed from office. Why are Oswald’s movements around the southern United States in the summer and fall of 1963 relevant? The Kennedy Assassination is now part of history and the narrative of Lee Oswald shooting the president from a sixth-floor window is mired in the public consciousness. Oswald was more aware of the plot than one would believe. Return to Dallas informs the reader of abnormalities in Oswald’s activities not only in 1963 but in his previous years and explains the legend built by the intelligence agencies. The surrounding cast of military, intelligence and government characters should alert even the most adamant lone gunman advocates to the truth. Better to investigate the truth and not believe fairytales.


Matthias Jones Mysteries

Coming This Summer

Six Feet Under

Was there an unseen murder in Hamilton twenty-five years ago? Matthias Jones begins to wonder what happened to Professor Harrison Mobley decades ago and what of all his enemies descending on his colonial twenty-five years ago? Jones has a side road theory that Mobley was murdered. Perhaps in his own house. The suspects are all alive in Hamilton, some in prominent positions!

The Ramdama's Kingdom

Coming this Fall

"Writing is a demanding profession and a selfish one. And because it is selfish and demanding, because it is compulsive and exacting, I didn't embrace it. I succumbed to it."

                                   -Rod Serling

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