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Galactic Command Series

The Nebula Planet

Galactic Command-The Nebula Planet by Robert P. Fitton
SAMPLE- Galactic Command-The Nebula Planet

Join Commander John Ross and the crew of ESS-14, after the Antarian War, to a planet bordering a nebula on the edge of the galaxy. Ross chases a derelict ESS commander and his Antarian conspirator. Beyond the Nebula is an enclosed solar system, controlled by omnipotent life forms that desire a cataclysmic future for Galactic Command.

The Nebula Planet SynopsisRobert P. Fitton
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Galactic Command Series

Galactic Command, Reunion by Robert P. Fitton.
SAMPLE-Reunion, Galactic Command Series by Robert P. Fitton-ch-1

Commander John Ross leaves with his first officer Lindy for down time with his family on the resort starship Earthstar. Ross dreads the arrival of his cold and calculating Intelligentsia father, John Ross, Sr. who was away during Ross’s childhood working for the Command intelligence service. His brother’s ship is hijacked with intense tug drag beams to the planet Scaeva Tengal. Ross and Lindy appropriate a hotel ship but are also taken to Scaeva Tengal by the tug drag beams.


They are prisoners of the Sol Domain. Sol is a Cyvac, a human whose neurological pathways have merged with advance nanocircuits. Cyvacs are programmed and follow order. Human destiny and aspirations are stripped away. Such beings are the result of a runaway Command project call the Pegasus-Merisheli.


As Lindy and his family face revacing at Sol City, Ross escapes to the Heartland with his father, gaining a closer bond as they search for the director of the Pegasus-Merisheli Project, Dr. Tsiolkovsky. After encountering a divergent religious order called the Elias Sect, Ross and his father reenter Sol City for a final show down with Sol.


Sol has joined forces with Ross’s defeated enemy from the Antarian War, Rafac and a rogue Command ESS commander Jack Bragg. Using the revacing technology they have taken over ESS ships, including Ross’s own vessel to avenge the Antarian loss to Command during the war. All of Command is threaded unless Sol and Rafec are stopped





The Ice of Triton

The Ice of Triton, Harry Cobb, Intra Solar System Investigator, by Robert P. Fitton


Aboard a space cruise liner with a young woman named

Angelique, Harry Cobb receives an emergency call from his old friend Mark Belkin that his wife Jenna has been murdered in a tracer explosion on Neptune's moon, Triton. Cobb embarks for Triton, but is kidnapped and almost killed in deep space. He follows the murder trail through Station 32

on Triton encountering the powerful Lovinski Cartel and Buck Wiley, a wacky local inspector. Yet, someone is still trying to kill him. Only on Olympus Mons on Mars does

he find answers with the help of Angelique. With the

entire Intra Solar System Investigative Bureau descending upon him he solves the crime in the Ice Mountains on Triton.


 Quick Synopsis: The Ice of Triton

SAMPLE-The Ice of Triton
dust of mars.jpg
The Dust of Mars , Harry Cobb, Intra Solar System Investigator, by Robert P. Fitton

Harry Cobb: an inner solar system private investigator Cobb wants answers when a potential client is murdered in the Martian desert. He is hindered by the powerful Turcotte family and suspects one of their employees. Aided by his investigative team, Cobb believes his old love could be the killer, and he travels to her space colony to find the truth.

SAMPLE-Harry Cobb-The Dust of Mars

The Dust of Mars Synopsis






A Passageway Between Worlds


The ancestors of humanity were connected to their planets by the essence of controlled energy called the Intergalactic Passageway.

Sojourn, a Novel of Destiny Complete book by Robert P. Fitton


Sojourn:  A Novel of Destiny


The Shanghi Incursion-Desperado-The Vargut Emnas-The Suriarf-kan


Tom Loftus was banished from all inte.lligence work because his mentor, running for president died on his watch in a prodigious boat explosion. In Desperado Loftus's old section boss Frank DeLuca is calling Captain Loftus back into action. The action is putting an end to an illegal scientific project that threatens human existence. But going back into action means seeing his lost love from years ago. In the shadows are beings not of this world as Tom Loftus and his loyal compadre Zach lead elite troops forward into battle. They are eventually forced into the phantasm called the Intergalactic Passageway connecting earth with the planets of humanity's origin. Awaiting them are other worlds, vast armies, and Sard, the Vargut Emnas now the leader of the Creod Realm. Loftus becomes immersed in the way of the perhaps mythical Ta-Burn-Shar as he prepares to do battle against Sard and his Creod battle fleet. In the final test a stunning surprise ending comes full circle.

The Shangai Incursion, Book I, Sojourn a Novel of Destriny by Robert P. Fitton

Book I

The Shanghai Incursion

Tom Loftus is accepted in the elite special ops Panther Unit. By taking the position, he leaves the love of his life Kath behind in the rural town of Appleton Vermont. They had planned to have a family and settle down in Appleton. Loftus leaves on a bus out of town watching Kath slowly fade as he begins his time in the Defense Secret Service.
After intensive basic training Loftus meets his lifelong buddy Zach Grasso. Their adventures, battles with advanced technology and transhuman beings, are formidable in the Chinese conflict but the old Loftus luck runs out on the Asian Continent culminating in the Shanghai Incursion.
Loftus and Zach are then specially assigned around the world. Something nefarious is happening in Africa and spills over to Loftus and Zach working security in the Allsworthy campaign. Loftus becomes friends with the blonde Jen Faucher from the campaign and strives to protect his mentor, Nathan Allsworthy. In life, friendship, goals, and ambition is sometimes not enough.
Desperado, Book II Sojourn, a Novel of Destiny by Robert P. Fitton
















Book II


Former Defense Secret Service agent Tom Loftus has vivid dreams of distant planets and an intergalactic passageway. Loftus is alerted to advanced government controlled technologies. A witness, sent by his former case officer, prompts Loftus and Zach to leave for Vermont. He meets Kath, his love from years ago.Discoveries in the mountains set forth a chain of events, and Loftus, Kath, and Zach are on the run. Loftus leads a military assault on a larger underground facility near the Earth's magnetic core. With loyal soldiers he fights the plotters and a Creod alien. Escaping captivity, he and Zach locate and depart on the intergalactic passageway identified in his dreams.

The Vargut Emnas Book III, Sojourn a Novel of Destiny

The Vargut Emnas

Sard, the a vargut gamun of the Creod battle amperage, seeks revenge on the human ancestral Ta-Buhn-Shar. Tom Loftus and Zach are separated upon arrival from the intergalactic passageway. On the planet Al-Bashar, ruled by the tyrannical Tolten. Loftus is placed on trial. His crime: Being a worshipper of Ta-Buhn-Shar. His sentence is death in the Tolten’s acid pit. Sard plots against the Upper Echelon leaders to rule the realm as Vargut Emnas. And all the while the remnants and legacy of the mysterious Ta-Buhn-Shar about and the enigma of why they disappeared after losing the Battle of Golga to Sard and the Creod Realm lingers. But it is the unbeliever Tom Loftus whom the Ta- Buhn-Shar seek out for the final battle against Sard and the Creod Realm.

The Suriarf-kan Book IV, Sjourn a Novel of Destiny by Robert P. Fitton

Book Four  4


The Suriarf-kan

Tom Loftus escape the Maurg but must cross the great desert in search of the Nescrans, where Ta-Buhn-Shar is worshiped. He meets Zuni, a gifted seer who perceives the unknown. Through resonating and using the ancient knowledge of the Saba he travels to Aba-Shar. At the same time Sard, now Vargut Emnas reaches his brother who has subjugated Earth. Using his brother’s brilliance Sard attempts to bring his entire fleet through the Inter-Galactic passageway. Loftus, trusting in what Ta-Buhn-Shar is imparting to him, lures Sard into a bizarre battle with the Ta-Bhun-Shar which results in a final showdown. And in the end Loftus reaches the upper realities and the meaning of life.

Randy Kron
Mega Human Good Guy

Kron Man, Mega Human Good Guy by Robert P. Fitton
Kron Man, Mega Human Good Guy by Robert P. Fitton


Kron Man

Just returned from the Air Force, Randy Wilson uses his mechanic's skills at Eddie's Quick Fix Garage in Camden Bay, New York. Randy's sister is harassed by the nefarious Junior Janus, a spoiled rich kid dabbling in criminal activities - even murder. After a beating by Junior's security men, Randy returns home. But that evening, he encounters a mysterious force that causes him to have no recollection of the next two days of his life.

The quirky and annoying Eddie Conover, owner of Eddie's garage, witnesses Randy turning into a bulky blue creature as he leaps to the top of the garage. Randy's detective friend, also observing Randy's incredible speed and strength calls Colonel Briggs of a special division of the Air Force. After being shot in public view with no ill effects Randy is brought by Briggs for observation at a secret location.

Assisted by Lieutenant Fogarty, an attractive blonde navy doctor, Randy is placed under hypnosis. The truth of the lost two days and the reality of Kron Man comes forth. Randy is returned to Camden Bay where he confronts Junior Janus and the heinous plot to kill the president.



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