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Robert P. Fitton Bio

author/narrator robert p fitton

Robert P. Fitton

Cape Cod author/narrator Robert P. Fitton graduated cum laude from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, majoring in American Studies, with emphasis on American History. In college he added science fiction writing and American literature courses. Post college- Fitton expanded his writing craft by studying with science fiction and mystery authors as well as screenwriters. Fitton developed a strong but thoughtful voice, many times humorous, buttressed by a direct style and influenced by Hitchcock’s mystery thrillers, Star Trek and the Twilight Zone. His time travel novels are spun from his love of history and sense of adventure. A crazy sense of humor and being a fan of comedy trickles over to the Matthias Jones mysteries. Fitton narrates and produces audio for all his work which led him into producing audio books. 



"I like audio and have been producing audio of all kinds since I was a boy. My work is unique-- from historical time travel and adventurous science fiction to raw crime as well as humorous murder mysteries-short stories and poetry. All with a love interest aka relationship in the story."

One afternoon in a break between writing Fitton grabbed a script of Orson Welles's War of the worlds. He flopped down and just let it rip. Later he added sound effects. Not bad... So he next did variations of Golden Age radio programs (Fitton is a fan of Old time radio)

So what else is in his bag of tricks? A blog and a Sound Cloud account of Fitton on the Air Podcasts of his work and numerous YouTube Videos. Enjoy!

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