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Flad-Double  Deception by Robert P. Fitton

Pearl Harbor Casualty List

December 7, 1941

Japanese attack Pearl Harbor-Double  Deception by Robert P. Fitton

Disposition of the U. S. Pacific Fleet at 8 a. m. on 7 Dec. 1941
(except ships in Pearl Harbor which are listed separately)

Pearl Harbor Attack Hearings: Pt. 12 (Joint Committee Exhibits 1 Through 6), pp. 345-46.

Item V

John Daly-Double  Deception by Robert P. Fitton

Was the America First Movement dampening American public opinion about entering the war?


Who was Arthur McCollum?

Arthur McColum-Double  Deception by Robert P. Fitton
FDR Attack on Pearl Harbor-Double  Deception by Robert P. Fitton

Did FDR Know the attack was coming?
Were the Japanese maneuvered by FDR into taking
out the United States fleet?
What do the unclassified documents say?

FDR Declares War-Double  Deception by Robert P. Fitton

Double Deception, a Novel

Mike Madigan disappears from a Congressional victory party and emerges at Pearl Harbor less than three weeks before the Japanese attack. He now is Senior Chief Petty Officer Mike Madigan, part of the clandestine Pacific Group, gathering intelligence on Japanese movements in the Pacific. In a wild, dangerous adventure Mike and his friend Midge are chased by the office of Naval Intelligence, the FBI, and the Roosevelt administration as they attempt to bring their secret knowledge to the populace. All the while Mike is receiving incredible poignant letters through the USO from the mysterious ’J.’ and in the end his experience is summed up by the header on each of J.’s letters: Have you Done Something Good for Someone Today?

Double Deception answers many questions including the following:  What is the most important concept about Pearl Harbor?

Massive sneak attack on Pearl harbor-Double  Deception by Robert P. Fitton
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