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A Novel of Murder and Conspiracy

Ambition, lust, murder, and arrogance. Loser Gordon Butts, recently fired at a dead-end job, happens upon a new job opportunity, where he cons his way through an interview with the company president, Walter Thornton. Butts claws his way to the top, removing all obstacles in his path. Ambition, lust, murder, and arrogance all have a stated price. Butts’s outlandish and reckless behavior demands eternal justice. And justice is most assuredly served.

Mystery, Adventure Intrigue and Romance

Framed, A Novel of Conspiracy and Murder by Robert P. Fitton.


Framed is in the tradition of Double

Indemnity and Body Heat. And Gordon

Butts is most assuredly the arrogant sleazeball character I've ever created...


                                         Robert P. Fitton


PS Butts is also a sucker extraordinaire.

SAMPLE-FramedRobert P. Fitton
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Framed, A Novel of Conspiracy and Murder by Robert P. Fitton.


The House Series

Being alone at a distant house might be defined as a welcome time away, unless things go awry. In this series temporary occupants of homes in various locations face life-threatening situations.

The House Series by Robert P. Fitton


Beach House

Mary Ellen brings her children on the boat to Sabines Island. Through the binoculars, she is stunned to see the orange Mustang in her beach house driveway. Her husband Tony is alone painting the house and the car belongs to a twenty-three-year-old provocative woman, Su Lee. Kel, a retired police officer helps her investigate the mischief. Su Lee’s presence to three deaths and then a fourth, prompts Kel to unravel her background. Mary Ellen finds herself alone in the beach house to face a possible killer as she fights for her own life.


Beach House, House Series by Robert P. Fitton


Quick Synopsis: Beach House

Beach House, Hoouse Series by Robert P. Fitton
The Chesapeake Bay
SAMPLE-BEACHRobert P. Fitton
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Exchange House

House Series by Robert P. Fitton
Mattie Summers is caught in the throes of an abusive marriage. A gentle, sensitive soul, Mattie separates from her husband John after physical and emotional turmoil. She retreats to Maine on vacation, exchanging her Arizona home for a 19th century house on rocky cliffs overlooking the Atlantic. Alone and five miles from the town of Rexford, Mattie is harassed by eerie phone calls on the old rotary dial phone. McCabe, owner and manager of many local properties, helps Mattie with her broken down rental car and with problems around the Exchange House. McCabe takes Mattie out on a date but she finds evidence that her estranged husband is in the area. A pony tailed and weird mechanic stalks her. As a fierce storm hits the area, someone on the property cuts the phone wires and Mattie is forced to flee for her life. Not until the final moments with her life in the balance does the identity of the assailant become evident.

Exchange House Clifss, House Series by Robert  P. Fitton
The Maine Coast
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Quick Synopsis: Exchange House


International Intrigue


Green Haze

A seasoned reporter, Roy Garrison is drawn to the California high desert by a local woman's bizarre claim of weird happenings on the state highway. Garrison is soon fleeing for this life as he pursues the lead, and soon finds himself trapped within the machinations of the Defense Security Agency. Across the country in Florida a couple falls into the same project but from another angle. On the run with an old friend, Garrison links up with the Florida couple. The intense espionage, double-crossing and government overthrow swirls into an unexpected finale, leaving behind a wake of death and destruction.

Green Haze, a Novel of Internatinal Intriue by Robert P. Fitton
Green Haze Bridge in St. Augustine by Robert P. Fitton
SAMPLE-Green HazeRobert P. Fitton
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The Bridge of Lions, St. Augustine, Florida... The multi-continent chase begins.

Downsized, A Novel of Possibility  by Robert P. Fitton
00:00 / 13:00

Alan Sacket is about to be promoted to Vice President of sales for Lamberts, a mega store chain. Despite his large sales increase, Sackett is fired as the stock market plummets in 2008. Alan Sackett’s huge salary had supported his burgeoning debts. His debt swells with his income gone and payments due on his hotel suite, several vehicles, a six-figure boat, and mountain condo. He makes a deal with a notorious loan shark, Roscoe, to minimize his debt while he looks for work. Alan flies to Barclay Idaho, where he spent a summer at age ten, to sell his late aunt’s general store. He meets Soonie, his ten-year-old friend from that summer. Soonie’s situation and Alan’s love for her and the small-town clash with opposing forces. His plan involves the town, Soonie and Roscoe’s demand for the entire loan.


Downsized-A Novel of Possibility

Downsized Synopsis

Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, Downsized by Robert P. Fitton
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