Author Robert P. Fitton

Cape Cod Massachusetts

21st Century Poetic License

Poems by Robert P. Fitton

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North of North


One by One

Pass me a Summer’s Day

I Never Sighted the Red-tailed Hawk

I Turn Backward Now

The Footprints

This Canal

Nighttime Highways

Late January Pools

The Surface Tension

Spring Arrived Late

The Spirit of the Land

The Shirt that was New

Blue Sky Day

Fall Is Not Far Behind

The Mighty Oak

A Cape Cod Tale

Sneakers and Blue Jeans


The Greatest

That’s the Way It Is

 The Mighty Cosmos

A Requiem for Mister Rodman

 The Forty-Fourth Bumbling Bluster

Orson Wells

A Simple Prayer for the Common Man

Being a Boy

L’ectric Lydia

And Still They Come

A Tribute to the Star

 The Foaming Wake

Child of Mine

Sleep, Baby Boy


Wind the clock, Ken

  Simple He Lived

 Un Regalo de Dios!

Heaven’s Gate

Sun through Rain

Davy Boy

The Children

The Mighty Fortune

Mr. Salt and Mr. Brine

The Belated Birthday

The Man Across the Church

Who is Who?

The Nightingale’s Song


Listen to the Plow

The Christmas's Yet to be

Plea from a Twentieth Century Child

The Marvelous Ride!

Everyone’s Gone Away

The Town Left Long Ago

Before We Knew What Life Was all About

Ask Not


That Heroic Spirit

The Erie Canal

July 4, 1776

The Americans Are Coming

The River Stops Here 

Learn to Fly

So Long Kenny on the Stairway to Fame

When the Whistle Sounds at Waterloo

The Blues are Runnin’

The Executioner’s Loft

 The Cemetery Flags

The Unheard Promise

 A Snowflake Angel

 Summer Has Not Yet Ended

Welcome Home Alek Hidell


Welcome to my Nightmare

 Off the Earth

Comet Halley

Beyond the Beyond

 The Moth

Before, After and Beyond

The Firefly

 Wandering in the Universe at Night

No More

By night Within

Who’s seen me?





The Tangible Mask

Little One           

The Dust Settles and the Sun Rises 

Where The Poppies  Grow

 One Ship Moved Out

The Inner Landscape

The Fourth

I Give You Hope


The Onion Layers

Wandering in the Desert

My Rose

Laying Waste to Innocence

In the Shadows

Why Me?

Eloise Waits

Staring at the Fire

The Dog Barked

From Monadnock’s Peak

The Shadow of Minnewaska

Ants on the Hill

At the Window Looking Westward

Sleep Tight, Post Meridiem

Morning in the Garden

The Hefty Mirage

Just Yesterday

Will Christmas ever be the same?

The Room Below

Passes the Night

The Hopeful Switch

How Infinite Are You God?

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