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James Altens phot 6-J FK Assasination

November 22, 1963

Jack and Jackie Land in Dallas-Return to Dallas by Robert P. Fitton


Love Field

Dallas, Texas

November 22, 1963


The Patch Kincaid Series
Four volumes in novel form that explain the JFK, MLK, and RFK Assassinations.


Robert  P. Fitton's personal site highlighting his research for the Patch Kincaid Series. A massive amount of data  that outlines why President Kennedy was murdered.


JFK Assassination Site

JFK Assassination author Robert P. Fitton in Dealy Plaza, Dallas, Texas

 Robert P. Fitton in Dallas  while writing

the Patch Kincaid Series.



Patch Kincaid Series

Volume 1


The Kennedy Paradox

An updated version of 1961 by Robert P. Fitton- with CIA names, period photos, enhanced audio.In 1986, led by terrorist Carlos Sánchez, nuclear devices are planted in American cities. As New York and other cities are swallowed up in fireballs, Patch Kincaid is sent back in time to prevent the destruction. He lands in 1961, where he chases Sánchez into the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Captured by Castro, Patch and his mentor Meinkewitz chase Carlos Sánchez into rural Cuba.

JFK News Conference after the Bay of Pigs


The Kennedy Paradox-Patch Kincaid Series Volume I

President John F. Kennedy-Fitton Books
President John F. Kennedy
1963: Return to Dallas footnoted novel by Robert P. Fitton
Live feed from Dallas


Patch Kincaid Series


Volume 2


Return to Dallas

Return to Dallas is an encyclopedic sourced n​ovel surveilling Lee Oswald in the summer and fall of 1963 as well as highlighting the surrounding plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. Return to Dallas utilizes the evolving information while discarding debunked JFK Assassination theories. Photographs paint the era in vivid color rather than aging vintage black and white stills. Those associated with the plot to kill Jack Kennedy as well as peripheral characters are woven into a pertinent historical context. The reader will soon understand the whirlwind around Lee Harvey Oswald and why President Kennedy was removed from office. Why are Oswald’s movements around the southern United States in the summer and fall of 1963 relevant? The Kennedy Assassination is now part of history and the narrative of Lee Oswald shooting the president from a sixth-floor window is mired in the public consciousness. Oswald was more aware of the plot than one would believe. Return to Dallas informs the reader of abnormalities in Oswald’s activities not only in 1963 but in his previous years and explains the legend built by the intelligence agencies. The surrounding cast of military, intelligence and government characters should alert even the most adamant lone gunman advocates to the truth. Better to investigate the truth and not believe fairy tales.


Return to Dallas: Patch Kincaid Series Volume Two

American Injustice

Patch Kincaid Series

Volume 3

Jim Garrison

Patch Kincaid finds himself in late 1966 and he contacts his friend Johnny Roselli in California to help find Ray Meinkewitz. In doing so Patch becomes part of an ultra-stealth group of individuals called the Milky Way Network. Led by a high-level American politician the network’s goal is to aid Jim Garrison’s investigation in New Orleans.

Within this network is Ray Meinkewitz, Commander of Hughes Air Force Base Phineas Beauregard, and the attractive Lieutenant Natalie Tompkins. Detailed documents and actions of ‘the powers to be’ are unveiled as attempts are made to forward the new knowledge to Jim Garrison. Being in the Milky Way Network is not without risk as an operative from the Kennedy Assassination takes Patch head on.

Patch, torn by not being able to return to his family at Apex Junction, rebuffs the advances of Natalie Tompkins. When she leaves the safe house Patch remains confused but realizes he did like Natalie.

The government, using their minions in the press both written and on the TV networks begin a full-fledged attack on Garrison. As witnesses are eliminated one by one Garrison is characterized as a buffoon by NBC news, a Kennedy insider Walter Sheridan and Newsweek and The Saturday Evening post provide hit pieces written by Hugh Aynesworth and James Phelan. Witnesses are intimidated and bribed while Garrison is mocked. An entire task force is set up inside CIA to thwart Garrison’s attempts at justice.

At the end of 1967 there are hints that Robert F. Kennedy might have some political capital to run for president-but not unless LBJ is out of the race. And the numerous speeches of Martin Luther King are highlighted as Dr. King merges the peace movement with the civil rights struggle.

And Patch Kincaid faces the dark clouded future of 1968.

1967: Jim Garrison by Robert P. Fitton
1967: Jim Garrison by Robert P. Fitton
Jim Garrison News Conference
Blue Smoke


                                                 American Injustice: Jim Garrison Patch Kincaid Series Volume 3
Martin Luther King, RFK-MLK by Robert P. Fitton.
1967-68: RFK-MLK by Robert P. Fitton

Flying to war torn Vietnam Patch Kincaid and Ray Meinkewitz are part of a secret plan, Operation Bluebird Rescue, to extricate Commander Phineas Beauregard from an American prison near Saigon and question Winkamp, an important player in the death of President Kennedy. An extensive riot ensues as Patch’s flying skills are challenged. Patch, Phinney and Meinkewitz attempt to flee the country and top CIA operative Baker Finch.

In the next phase throughout Europe Patch searches for the elusive report that specifies how and why President Kennedy was killed. Finding that report leads to deadly consequences.

LBJ drops out of the presidential race after Senator Robert F. Kennedy from New York announces a run for the presidency. Kennedy’s extraordinary campaign is recorded primary by primary and speech by speech.

Patch faces Baker Finch at Gibraltar and more intelligence officers at a Christmas gala at a castle in England. He again meets Natalie Tomkins. The torch is lit in their relationship and in the race to find the de Gaulle report on the assassination of President Kennedy.

This is 1968, a horrendous year of assassinations and further bloodshed in Vietnam. The deaths of Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy are detailed with the truth-how they were killed as threats to the existing order. Justice is denied to those who dared to seek it and for those citizens left to absorb the deluge. Once again, an inconsequential event, this one involving Jim Morrison and The Doors, changes history.

Bobby Kennedy campaigning in Los Angeles 1968


American Injustice

Patch Kincaid Series

Volume 4

Martin Luther King

Robert F. Kennedy


American Injustice:
Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy Patch Kincaid Series Book Four
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